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Retirement Revelations: A Virtual Conversation with TikTok Philosopher, @bill._retired

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Join the Senior College at Bridgewater State University for this free/open to the public virtual event. Having concluded a prosperous career as a marketing executive in information technology, Bill Sterzenbah, transitioned to TikTok as @bill._retired and has emerged as a prominent voice in discussions about life after retirement. Transforming into a sought-after "TikTok philosopher” he shares insightful views on deriving meaning from his retired life through his often viral videos. Covering topics ranging from hobbies and retirement readiness to what he terms the "triage phase," Bill spearheads conversations about the essence of simply existing in this new chapter of life. Join us for this interactive virtual conversation (free and open to the public) where participants can ask questions and learn more about Bill’s distinctive point of view!