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Our Master of Education (MEd) in Higher Education Administration Online Program provides the theory and skills combined with a collaborative environment to succeed in mid level and upper level leadership roles across higher education. Our program is designed to provide current and future leaders in higher education with the foundation to understand the purpose, structure, governance, and operation of various areas of leadership in higher education and integrates opportunities for students to discuss current trends and issues in higher education. Students are provided the opportunity to problem solve dilemmas and strategies and develop solutions to real-world problems drawn from higher education settings that can be readily deployed in their own work setting.

Our online, interactive program allows students to participate anytime, anywhere and collaborate to build strong networks. Our MEd in Higher Education Administration provides a strong foundation in all aspects of higher education to allow students to pursue career paths that have meaning for their interests and skills.

Program Highlights

  • 100% Online Program with Quality Matters* e-learning instructors
  • 33-credit program can be completed in two years based on completion of two courses per semester
  • Affordable and flexible format
  • Field experience opportunity, enabling close collaboration with administrators from higher education departments
  • Experiential studies for real life experiences and connection to higher education leaders
  • Small classes facilitating a more personalized learning experience
  • BSU has been preparing educational leaders for over 170 years

Program Outcomes
Graduates of our online MEd in Higher Education Administration program will be prepared to excel in mid-level and leadership roles across the higher education spectrum. Positioned to analyze real-life problems encountered in their workplace, graduates will network with colleagues locally and world-wide in technology rich environments.

Virtual Information Sessions

Register for one of our virtual sessions to learn more about the program and speak with faculty.

 Admissions Requirements

  • Online application - A completed and $50 application fee
  • Resume - A resumé which demonstrates the applicant’s potential for leadership and academic achievement as evidenced by activities during his or her professional career or undergraduate studies
  • Transcripts - Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate course work
  • Letters of Recommendation - Three letters of recommendation (one from someone who can speak about your academic background)
  • GPA - A minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.75 based upon four years of coursework or 3.0 based upon work completed during the junior and senior years
  • Personal Statement - Prepare a brief, but careful statement on how completion of this program will improve the student’s ability to excel in the higher education environment

Application Deadlines

Rolling admission for Fall, Spring and Summer enrollment.
Applications that are not completed prior to the start of the semester will need to be moved to the next applicable semester.

 Apply Today


To start taking a course immediately, prior to enrolling in the program, please complete our free, non-degree application and review details on how to register.

*Registration for Fall 2020 opens Friday, April 24, 2020 for the first online higher education administration course.

EDLE 504 Introduction to Higher Education and Post Secondary Education (Pre-requisite for all courses)


First Year -Semester 1
EDLE 504 (Prerequisite) Introduction to Higher Education Administration 
EDLE 505 Law and Policy in Higher Education 
First Year -Semester 2
EDLE 506 Community College and Global Post-Secondary Education 
EDLE 507 Organization and Administration in Higher Education 
First Year-Semester 3 
EDLE 508 Crisis Management and Prevention in Higher Education 
EDLE 512 Diversity and Social Justice in Higher Education
Second Year-Semester 1
EDLE 517 Finance and Budgeting in Higher Education
EDLE 518 Assessment, Program Evaluation, and Accreditation in Higher Education 
Second Year-Semester 2 
EDLE 566 School Plant Planning and Administration 
A 500-level course from any graduate program in College of Education and Health Sciences or as approved by program advisor
Second Year-Semester 3 (3 credits)
EDLE 519 Practicum in Special Topics in Higher Education Administration

Exit Requirement Comprehensive Exams using a Digital Portfolio

Total Number of Credits = 33

Search Courses

 *Please see the Graduate Academic Policies section of the Graduate Academic Catalog for additional information regarding comprehensive examinations.

***For the most up-to-date information regarding course descriptions, please visit our University Catalog.

Directors/Coordinators in the following fields:
  • Core/Non-Core
  • Enrollment Management
  • Financial Aid
  • Graduate Admissions
  • Student Accounts
  • International Education
  • Global Initiatives
  • Instructional Technology
  • Health Services
  • Human Resources
  • Outreach & Engagement
  • Institutional Diversity & Multiculturalism
  • Grants & Special Projects
  • Facilities Management

Funding Opportunities 

The College of Graduate Studies provides various opportunities for graduate students to receive funding while working towards their degrees. Appointments are competitive and are determined by undergraduate and/or graduate grade point averages, pertinent experience, educational preparation and interviews.  For information on assistantships, fellowships and conference funding awards, please visit our Graduate Funding Opportunities page.

In alignment with the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS), the Higher Education Administration concentration in the Educational Leadership program objectives articulate student learning outcomes for all higher education administration candidates.

Completers of the program will:

  1. Use multiple sources of information and their synthesis to solve problems and demonstrates high knowledge of how to access diverse sources of verifiable information. Detail personalized learning applicable to new problem-solving approaches based on new insights and recognizes one’s own capacity to create new understandings from learning activities and dialogue with others.
  2. Identify important problems, questions, and issues based on a thorough analysis of data. Present, interpret and make judgments of the relevance and quality of information from verifiable sources and uses assumptions to present alternative perspectives and solutions.
  3. Demonstrate healthy, mutually beneficial relationships others through high level of respect and manages interpersonal conflicts effectively. High level of collaboration evident in team projects and discussions. Demonstrate effective leadership in guiding and assisting a group, organization, or community in meeting its goals. Communicate a vision, mission, or purpose that encourages commitment and action in others. Promote social justice principles and diversity appreciation.  
  4. Convey meaning in a wide variety of ways that others can understand through the written work, oral presentation, and reflection.  Effectively articulate abstract ideas, using appropriate written skills to present experiences applicable to the work experiences of others in higher education. Demonstrate comprehensive technological literacy and skills to effectively communicate problem solving protocol in a higher education administration.
  5. Develop, articulate, and implement a shared vision of leadership that serves and unites all students in higher education through effective teaching in a learning environment that serves common purposes while demonstrating an understanding of cultural, linguistic, ethnic, diversity, and its relationship to leadership practice.
  6. Establish operational systems, procedures and routines that ensures a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment using sound fiscal planning to implement appropriate curriculum, staffing and scheduling.

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