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Now that you and your students have enjoyed learning about Massachusetts through the timeline and news articles, we invite you and your class to contribute to this project and be a part of the resource itself!

Before submitting your video, please be sure you read through the instructions and guidelines.

Was this an individual or group project?
Who should we contact in case of questions?
Upload the video and closed captioning script.  Note the closed captioning script is a text document with what was spoken (as close as possible) in the video. (Allowed types: txt, doc, docx, rtf)
One file only.
256 MB limit.
Allowed types: txt, doc, docx, rtf.
Upload your completed video. (Allowed types: avi, mov, mp4, wav, webm). One file only 256 MB limit.
One file only.
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Allowed types: avi, mov, mp4, ogg, wav, webm.

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