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The Massachusetts Chronicles

The Massachusetts Chronicles is a new approach for teaching and learning state history developed in conjunction with Plymouth 400, Bridgewater State University and range of other prestigious partners. The program is focused around a set of key resources that include a book, with more than 60 newspaper-style articles of key moments and a 100-moment timeline, and a cross-curricular educator’s guide containing a wide range of classroom activities for Grades 5 -12.

In the News:

Historical Timeline

Chart 100 moments in the story of Massachusetts, with QR codes for every century that link to videos of these stories told through the eyes of today’s students.

Newspaper Articles

Read more than 60 newspaper-style articles navigating the highs and lows of Massachusetts state history. Each one is written as if the events they describe happened the day before.

Micro Credentials
The BSU College of Continuing Studies and the College of Education and Health Sciences are excited to offer enhanced curriculum and supporting resources for K-12 educators to be better prepared to engage their students in civics education through earning micro-credentials focused on civic learning!
Educator's Guide

A set of engaging activities for teaching and learning state history, developed by leading educators under the direction of Rob Powers, Social Studies Coordinator for Plymouth Public Schools.

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The Massachusetts Chronicles

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