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Ambassadors Testifying

A select group of students is telling the institution’s story

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Bridgewater State University has recently been praised for its top-tier undergraduate research opportunities and cutting-edge programming. Additionally, the institution has a long history of prestigious honors and student success.

Who better than current students to showcase all that BSU has to offer?

That’s the idea behind the newly revived Crimson Alumni Ambassadors, a diverse group of students who exude BSU spirit and serve as a bridge between alumni and students.

Alumni might meet ambassadors at events, have them as tour guides when visiting campus, or talk to them on the phone. These students also work with alumni groups, assist with marketing, and provide the student connection to Giving Day.

We asked several ambassadors to share the many ways Bridgewater impacts them and why “every day is a great day to be a Bear.”

Jane Meyrick, ’21

Majors: earth sciences and secondary education

Hometown: Scituate

You may have already met Jane and not even known. Appearing as the university mascot Bristaco is just one of the many ways she has taken advantage of all BSU offers. She’s also on the swimming and diving team and has served as an orientation leader, student security officer, lifeguard, and assistant program manager for STEM organization Greenlight for Girls. It’s a wonder the aspiring high school science teacher has time for academics.

What impact has BSU had on you? “It has brought me to a better state of myself than when I was in high school. … Bridgewater has taught me you’re limitless so just keep going.”

Why is it great to be a Bear? “I always feel at home here. I long to be back here when I’m back at home. I know I’ll be here for grad school. I don’t want to leave Bridgewater.”

What should alumni know about BSU today? “We’re progressing and changing every day, but we will always remember and appreciate and be grateful for our roots, for the students who came before us and are the original trailblazers. Why we are so nationally recognized is because of your hard work as undergraduate and grad students and representing BSU in your lives and careers.”

Dajuan Frasier, ’20

Major/minors: sociology major with minors in writing and writing studies as well as African American studies

Hometown: Boston 

As the head ambassador for the Center for Multicultural Affairs, Dajuan can tell you all about the tremendous diversity on campus. And, be sure to ask the hip hop club president to show off his dance moves. Bridgewater has opened doors of opportunity for Dajuan. He discovered his passion for writing and worked at Brown University on leadership and social justice initiatives for high schoolers. 

What impact has BSU had on you? “I think it’s made all the difference. I don’t know if I’d be the same person. Honestly, a lot of that is credited to the people I’ve met here – faculty, staff and student leaders. There’s really unlimited potential for learning. I never stopped.”

Why is it great to be a Bear? “There are plenty of opportunities no matter what you’re into.”

What should alumni know about BSU today? “Bridgewater is getting more diverse as the years go by. We’re starting to see a school that’s better affecting the world we’re living in.”

Angelina Damiani, ’23

Majors: elementary education and sociology

Hometown: Brockton

Angelina is as eager to hear your story as she is to share the life of a BSU student. And her life is busy, even in her first few months on campus. Angelina sings in the Chorale and dances with Refined Movement. She believes the best way to adjust to college is to join organizations, and the Crimson Alumni Ambassadors demonstrate there are numerous ways to do that.

What impact has BSU had on you? “I’ve already started to become more independent. I plan my future more.”

Why is it great to be a Bear? “There’s so much involvement. There’s such a sense of family here. … It’s so comfortable and so fun and welcoming. There’s always someone new to meet.  It’s not too big, but it’s not too small.”

What should alumni know about BSU today? “We’re all really thankful for the legacy they left and now we get to follow in their footsteps and continue their legacy. I want them to know I’m going to work hard and do everything I can to make sure everything they’ve left behind continues to grow.”

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