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Stepping Up (Video)

Biology major proves there’s more to Miss Taunton than meets the eye
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Lyndsey Kate Littlefield is not your stereotypical pageant winner. And the Bridgewater State University biology major wouldn’t have it any other way. 

“I always thought Miss Taunton was someone who was beautiful,” Lyndsey recalled once thinking. “I didn’t realize she could be educated, fierce and whoever she wanted to be.”

Today, you’ll find Lyndsey dancing across the pageant stage, researching in a lab on campus, working in a dental office, and racing in obstacle courses where she swings from bars and carries heavy bags.

“She has the brains, the athleticism and the personality to do everything that she wants to do,” said Dr. Alexandra Adams, a part-time lecturer who teaches Lyndsey’s Anatomy and Physiology class. “She’s very confident. She’s very hardworking. She’s extremely warm.  Every time you see her, she has a smile on her face.”

Lyndsey watched the Taunton scholarship pageant since she was young. After four unsuccessful attempts (wins at other pageants notwithstanding), she recently claimed the hometown title, which earned her a chance to become Miss Massachusetts. 

“It was such a big win emotionally,” said Lyndsey, a dance minor who relied on those skills for the talent part of the competition. “I sat down on the stage and cried. I was so excited to finally reach that goal.”



Lyndsey first attended Mount Ida College, but soon realized she would thrive at a larger institution. She’s glad she became a Bear and praised faculty such as Drs. Kenneth and Alexandra Adams of biological sciences for taking an interest in her success and supporting her. She also appreciates the strong connection BSU fosters among students.

“As a high school student, I never liked biology and I didn’t even like science,” she said. “But here I am so excited to learn something new every week.”

Lyndsey hopes to become a dentist who works in trauma surgery. She looks forward to a career where she won’t know what she will face each day.

In addition, Lyndsey’s a world traveler. She heads to Cambodia next month on a BSU trip to improve villagers’ access to clean water. And, she recently journeyed to London to represent the United States in the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships, a Spartan-style race where she ran nine miles and completed obstacles along the way.

As Miss Taunton, Lyndsey will inspire the city’s youth, make public appearances and support the organization Girls Incorporated of Taunton, which offers after-school, summer and other programming.

She also has a message for her fellow Bears: “Take the opportunity to expand yourself, always step into your uncomfortable zone and out of that box.” (Video by Phil DeSimone, ’20)

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