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Quality and Transparency

Bridgewater State University Excellence in Assessment Badge

BSU Quality Project

The BSU Quality Project (QP) was developed by the Office of Assessment (OA) in collaboration with the Academic Affairs Assessment Council in 2015 to strengthen the BSU assessment culture and increase understanding and transparency of assessment work being conducted in programs and departments. OA holds a unique understanding of each academic degree program enabling greater insights that benefit individual programs, colleges, and the University. Starting in 2018, programs with exemplary assessment practices are rewarded an Excellence in Assessment badge.

BSU Transparency Project

The BSU Transparency Project started in 2017 and was adapted from the IUPUI National Institute of Learning Outcomes Assessment Transparency Framework and initially led by the graduate assistant in OA with the purpose of promoting and enhancing the visibility of program learning outcomes for current and prospective students, faculty, staff, and administrators. The project has received attention from the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment.