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Although there are many banks to choose from, the two most popular banks for international students on campus are Bank of America and Santander.

Bank of America

Santander Bank

What is the difference between a Savings Account and a Checking Account?

  • A savings accounts allows an individual to place money into an account and earn a small amount of monthly interest on their deposit. An individual may withdraw or transfer money to their other accounts.
  • A checking account allows an individual to have a debit card. With a debit card, an individual may use their personal funds in their account directly at all stores that accept cards. An individual may also withdraw or transfer money to other accounts.
  • An individual may withdraw money out of an ATM that is not their bank ATM, but if they do withdraw money from an ATM that is not their bank ATM, they will be charged a service fee.
  • Some savings and checking accounts require a minimum balance in your account or an individual will be charged a fee.
  • Know the features of the account you choose and what can be done to avoid f​ees. A bank representative can inform an individual of all account features during their bank visit to set up an account.

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