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Racial Justice at Bridgewater State University

“Bridgewater State University fully supports the Black Lives Matter movement as it continues that struggle, a struggle to make our nation live up to its highest ideals of freedom and equality. Here, on our campus and in our community, we commit ourselves to bold action that puts into practice our values of diversity, inclusion and equality for all.”
—Frederick W. Clark Jr., Esq.
For more information about this artwork and more, visit the Wallace L. Anderson Gallery site.

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Aerial of BSU students spelling out B-S-U

BSU Values

Join Bridgewater State University in its commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality,
rejecting all forms of bias, discrimination, xenophobia, and violence.

Featured News

Featured News

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Racial Justice
A student in a science lab.
Striving for Equity
Lumina Foundation funding will assist three key initiatives
Racial Justice
Shalya Mombeleur, '12 and Arluah Wonton, 18
Alumni Take a Stand

Graduates have been speaking out over racial inequality

Racial Justice
racial justice task force
Guiding Change
Meet the leaders of the Special Presidential Task Force on Racial Justice
Racial Justice
Sydne Marrow works with students.
Hard Lessons
Faculty and staff help students grapple with issues of race and inequality
Racial Justice
CJ Sonnie, '20 at Black Lives Matter protest in Boston
Students March

Students weigh in on the recent protests surrounding the death of George Floyd