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Social Justice Courses

Fall 2024

Courses were selected by reviewing course description information and identifying those that either explicitly include social justice topic(s) and/or would likely address social justice in some way. Descriptions were reviewed using the BSU MRISJ definitions of social justice, which can be reviewed here for further information.


Course PrefixCourse No.Course NameSections
AFAM200Introduction to African American Studies1
AMST199Honors 1st Year Seminar: American Identities1
AMST220Introduction to American Studies2
AMST220Honors: Introduction to American Studies1
ANTH100Introduction to Cultural Anthropology9
ANTH100Honors: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology1
ANTH115Anthropology of Race, Class and Gender3
ANTH120First Nations: Indigenous People1
ANTH204Global Human Issues2
ANTH206Honors: Native Cultures of North America1
ANTH208The Lives of Women3
ANTH213Anthropology of Latin America1
ANTH215Anthropology of the Caribbean1
ANTH217Cross-Cultural Education1
ANTH232Critical Issues in Global Health1
ANTH233Introduction to International Migration Studies1
ANTH298Honors 2nd Year Seminar: Native Americans in Film1
ANTH2982nd Year Seminar: Sex, Gender and Science1
ANTH319Contemporary Native Americans1
ARTH205Asian Art: India, China, Japan2
ARTH205Honors Asian Art: India, China, Japan1
ARTH219Pre-Columbian Art & Architecture1
ASIA200Introduction to Asian Studies1
BIOL2992nd Year Seminar: HIV and Society1
CHEM310Supporting SEL in Schools1
COMD315Autism and the Family1
COMM229Media and Cultural Theory2
COMM2982nd Year Seminar: Era of Climate Crisis1
COMM300Race, Class, and Gender in Media1
COMM365Introduction to Intercultural Communication1
CRJU101Introduction to Criminal Justice7
CRJU202Crime Theory3
CRJU225Violence and Human Rights1
CRJU247Restorative/Transformative Justice3
CRJU290Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System1
CRJU301Structural Foundations of Criminal Justice>2
CRJU331Police, Community and Society2
CRJU341Courts & the Judicial Process3
CRJU352Urban Crime1
CRJU358Race, Class, Crime and Justice2
CRJU369Gender, Crime and Justice2
CRJU386Race and the Law1
CRJU388Hate Crime1
CRJU406Ethics and the Criminal Justice System1
CRJU504Seminar: Crime, Justice and Society1
CRJU518Hate Crimes and Hate Groups1
DANC1991st Year Seminar: Culture, Identity and Communication in Dance1
DANC235African American Presence in Dance1
DANC260World Dance2
EDMC532Teacher as Leader: Issues - Advocacy1
EDLE501Introduction to Education Leadership and School Reform1
EDLE504Introduction to Higher Education1
EDLE512Diversity and Social Justice in Higher Education1
EDLE579Education of Diverse Populations - SEI (Sheltered English Immersion)2
EDLE601Educational Leadership and School Reform1
ELED120Child Study in the Early Childhood and Elementary Education Classroom6
ELED120Honors: Child Study in the Early Childhood and Elementary Education Classroom1
ELED305SEI Endorsement for Teachers4
ELED519Theory/Practice: Language/Social Studies1
ENGL1991st Year Seminar: Horror, Bodies and Race1
ENGL199Honors 1st Year Seminar: Migrant Youth and Children1
ENGL253Non-Western Literature2
ENGL277Topics: Diverse Children’s Literature1
ENGL277Honors: Topics: Diverse Children’s Literature1
ENGL315Ethnic American Literature1
GEOG130Environmental Geography9
GEOG130Honors: Environmental Geography1
GEOG151Human Geography8
GEOG151Honors: Human Geography1
GEOG222Online Climate Studies1
GEOG462Sustainable Urban Spaces1
HEAL260Healthcare in the U.S.1
HEAL477Environmental and Consumer Health1
HIST161History and Culture of Mexico1
HIST401Gender in African History1
HIST440Topics: American Women’s and Gender History1
HIST440Topics: War/Culture Indigenous American History1
HIST440Topics: US and the Holocaust1
HIST444Antebellum America1
INTD233Introduction to International Migration Studies>1
LTAC201Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Study1
MENA260Introduction to Middle East and North Africa Studies1
MUSC116Social Justice Choir1
MUSC1991st Year Seminar: Social Justice in Song1
MUSC1991st Year Seminar: The Music of Black Americans1
NAIS200Introduction to Native American & Indigenous Studies (NAIS)1
NSCI140Hands-On Environmental Education2
PHIL215Environmental Ethics1
PHIL219Public Health Ethics1
PHIL239Power, Property and Subjugation1
PHED199Honors 1st Year Seminar: Women's Athletics1
PHED293#FindYourFit Diverse Populations1
POLI277American Government: State and Local1
POLI279Honors: Introduction to Public Administration1
POLI369LGBTQ Politics in America1
POLI400Topics: Global Environmental Controversies1
POLI400Topics: Education and the Labor Movement1
POLI475Seminar: Public Opinion and Representation1
POLI542Administrative Law/Regulation1
PSYC215Service Learning: MARC (Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center)2
PSYC230Cultural Psychology8
READ553Issues in Literacy Education for Social Justice1
SCWK250Introduction to Social Welfare3
SCWK270Social Work Issues of Diversity and Oppression3
SCWK320Human Behavior and the Social Environment I3
SCWK321Human Behavior and the Social Environment II2
SCWK350Social Welfare Policy3
SCWK432Community Organizing2
SCWK500Social Policy I: Welfare Policy4
SCWK502Dynamics of Diversity and Oppression7
SCWK510Human Behavior in the Social Environment I4
SCWK512Human Behavior in the Social Environment III: DSM2
SCWK572Policy III: Mental/Physical Health3
SCWK580Topics: Immigration1
SOCI102Introduction to Sociology7
SOCI103Social Problems3
SOCI104Global Social Problems2
SOCI1991st Year Seminar: Cultural Conflict1
SOCI1991st Year Seminar: Sexual Violence on College Campuses1
SOCI206Cities and People: Urban Sociology1
SOCI207Social Inequality1
SOCI211Homelessness in U.S. Society2
SOCI213Family Violence1
SOCI217East Asian Societies: China and Japan1
SOCI245Race and Ethnicity in America1
SOCI255Juvenile Delinquency1
SOCI2992nd Year Seminar: #MeToo - Sexual Violence1
SOCI2992nd Year Seminar: #MeToo: Time's Up1
SOCI305Sociology of Education1
SOCI337Environmental Sociology1
SOCI496Seminar: Issues in Sociology2
SPED1991st Year Seminar: Sex, Violence, and Disability1
SPED203Cultural Diversity Issues in School and Society5
SPED218Servicing Early Childhood Learners in Inclusive Settings2
SUST101Sustainability Innovation and Leadership1
SUST101Honors: Sustainability Innovation and Leadership1
SUST2982YSeminar: Sustainable Urban Food2
SUST399Global Environmental Controversies1
TESL203Cultural Issues in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language1
TESL512SEI Endorsement Course1
THEA1991st Year Seminar: Women in Theatre1
THEA1991st Year Seminar: Plays for Social Justice1
THEA219Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Theatre1
THEA222Introduction to Asian Theatre1

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