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Safety First

BSU listed as one of nation’s safest campuses

In a new national ranking of the safest colleges campuses in America, Bridgewater State University earned the number 4 spot.  

“The safety of our students has always been our highest priority,” said BSU President Frederick W. Clark Jr. in response to learning the institution made the list.

“This ranking reflects strategic investments the university has made, the fine work of our BSU police department in building relationships with our students, our commitment to a high level of transparency, and creating safe spaces for students and other members of our community to report.” released the rankings after gathering data and information from schools across the country.

According to, BSU earned high marks because it complies with the Clery Act, an act that strives to provide students and staff with transparent information about campus policy and statistics.

Bridgewater maintains a safe campus environment with a dedicated police department, employing 23 full-time officers and support staff. The university encourages community awareness of potential crime and proactive crime prevention.

BSU also offers free counseling services to students experiencing psychological difficulties.

When considering colleges, senior and physical education major Gabe Elias, ’24, said, safety was a top priority.

“As a student, my well-being is crucial to my overall academic and personal experience,” he said. “A safe environment fosters a conducive learning atmosphere, allowing me to focus on my studies and engage in campus activities without unnecessary concerns about person safety.”

Elias said it’s reassuring that BSU finds itself on the “Safest College Campuses in America” list.

“It validates the efforts and measures taken by the university to prioritize the well-being of its students, faculty and staff,” he said. “This recognition reflects the university’s dedication to providing a secure environment for its community members and I feel confident in my choice to be part of such a campus.”

The full list of schools and their rankings are as follows:

  1. Purdue University
  2. University of Idaho
  3. Bringham Young University – Idaho
  4. Bridgewater State University
  5. University of Massachusetts
  6. Utah State University
  7. Oakland University
  8. California State University
  9. Northern Kentucky University
  10. Princeton University
  11. Tufts University
  12. Boston College
  13. Virginia Tech
  14. University of Rhode Island
  15. University of New Hampshire

To learn more about the rankings visit here.

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