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Samuel Bechtold works with wires in a photonics lab.
Green Science
Scientists team up with MIT to research sustainable microchip manufacturing
Peyton Brown adjusts photonics instruments mounted to a lab table
Tech Team-Up
BSU and MIT join forces for photonics ‘bootcamp’
Dr. Samuel Serna with photonics equipment
Lighting the Way
University’s burgeoning photonics program awarded equipment
Fall 2019
A student demonstrates photonics
Powering the Future
More than $2 million in grant money helps place BSU at the forefront of burgeoning photonics field
Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito tours a BSU lab.
Photonics programming unveiled
State grant helps BSU enter burgeoning field
Tyler Holloway, ‘14
Laying the Groundwork
Students play key role in development of photonics and optical engineering at BSU
BSU students meet with NASA’s C. Alex Young, associate direc
Lighting the Future

High-tech employers excited about photonics programs

Professors Samuel Serna Otalvaro and Elif Demirbas
Photonics and Optical Engineering Faculty Hired
Additions needed as first engineering program rolls out
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