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Strategic Plan 2.0 President's Welcome

BSU president Fred Clark smiling for the camera in a sunlit corridor

As we move into Strategic Plan 2.0, we will continue to advance the work of these five goals, but in a way that is evermore impactful as it builds on the major strides we took under our first strategic plan.


When Bridgewater State University unveiled the first strategic plan of my presidency in 2018, I remarked that “Bridgewater State University is on the rise.” At that time, we could not foresee the tumultuous period that would follow, characterized by a global pandemic, racial unrest, threats to our democracy, and deep and persistent questioning of the value of higher education. Yet through it all, BSU never slowed down. We rose to meet every challenge while continuing to make tremendous progress in advancing the goals of Strategic Plan 1.0. Bridgewater continues to sail forward as the undeniable flagship of the Massachusetts state university system.

As we near the completion of Strategic Plan 1.0, we have achieved or made significant progress on most of the goals we set out to accomplish, and then some.

Goal One was to focus our resources and decisions on the overarching priority of student success. BSU has remained steadfast in this commitment and adopted numerous best-in-class practices to help all students, one student at a time, achieve to the best of their ability. I believe our Wall Street Journal recognition as one of the 400 Best Colleges in the United States reflects our collective impact on the students we serve and affirms the power of our mission. 

We have continued to excel at our second goal of providing a teaching and learning environment with exceptional educational opportunities for intellectual, creative, and professional growth. From the expansion of our honors and undergraduate research programs and the growth in paid internships, to the development of cutting-edge programs and facilities, and the expansion of service-learning opportunities, BSU provides a wealth of opportunities for students to explore, engage, live their values, and pursue their chosen careers. 

Progress on our third goal of providing opportunities for personal and professional growth for faculty, librarians, and staff in support of organizational progress, has been borne out in countless ways, from expanding wellness and professional development offerings and investing millions of dollars in supporting faculty research, to developing new mental health resources and enhancing work-life balance. 

BSU continues to be a vibrant community partner and catalyst for economic, cultural, and intellectual development, as articulated in Goal Four. BSU has deep and extensive partnerships across the region. Its impact can be seen in countless ways from building the pipeline of new workers in leading-edge industries and providing educational opportunities through Senior College to adults 50 years and older, to fostering civic education and democratic engagement and partnering with the Town of Bridgewater to expand educational and cultural opportunities. 

We have gone well beyond what we envisioned when we first articulated our fifth goal of advancing diversity and social justice in the region and beyond. As an institution committed to actualizing its values of diversity, inclusion, and equity, BSU is expanding equal access to college and learning opportunities; critically examining and addressing elements of its policies, practices, and culture that are impeding equity; and playing a regional and national leadership role in developing and disseminating best practices. In addition, BSU provides robust service and social justice opportunities to its students, faculty, and staff as an expression of its motto, “Not to be ministered unto, but to minister.” 

As we move into Strategic Plan 2.0, we will continue to advance the work of these five goals, but in a way that is evermore impactful as it builds on the major strides we took under our first strategic plan. 

With warmest regards,

Fred Clark signature

Frederick W. Clark Jr., Esq., ’83
President, Bridgewater State University 


Strategic Plan 2.0

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