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Strategic Plan 2.0 Dashboard


Student Success

Focus resources and decisions on the overarching priority of student success.


Teaching & Learning Environment, Educational Opportunities

Provide a teaching and learning environment with exceptional educational opportunities for intellectual, creative, and professional growth.


Employee Opportunities for Personal & Professional Growth

Provide opportunities for personal and professional growth for faculty, librarians, and staff in support of organizational progress.


Regional Catalyst for Economic, Cultural & Intellectual Engagement

Serve as a regional catalyst for economic, cultural, and intellectual engagement.


Advance Higher Education Diversity & Social Justice

Advance higher education diversity and social justice with impact in the region and beyond.

Under the leadership of President Frederick W. Clark Jr., Esq., ’83, Bridgewater State University is committed to an inclusive and comprehensive strategic planning process, building on a foundation of institutional strategic planning at the University. Strategic planning is essential to the University’s ability to advance its historic mission of providing access to a high-quality education for all students, promoting social justice and enhancing the quality of life for the residents of Southeastern Massachusetts through its position as a vital intellectual, economic, and cultural resource in the region. The plan helps the University to establish clear priorities, guide decision making, align its financial and human resources with its goals, and maximize the impact of its resources. This plan is a “living” document, a guidepost for decision making and one that is referenced, revisited, and revised on an ongoing basis. Continue reading the Planning Process +


Strategic Plan 2.0

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Download a print-friendly version of the BSU Strategic Plan 2.0. This document is 83 pages (4.1MB).

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