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FAA Knowledge Exam Series

BSU Aviation student with airplane

BSU Testing Services offers a full range of Federal Aviation Administration Airman Knowledge Testing. FAA Knowledge Series testing is available two to three days a week to both BSU students and the general public. Continue reading below for information about scheduling an exam, authorization and ID requirements, and test center policies.

At BSU Testing, we offer all FAA Knowledge Exam Series except for Inspection Authorization (IAR) exams.

We also offer:

Unmanned Aircraft General (UAG) exam for drone (UAV) operators

Unmanned General - Recurrent (UGR) exam 

FAA Exam Information

  • Airline Transport Pilot & Aircraft Dispatcher Exams
  • Commercial Pilot & Military Competence Exams
  • Flight Engineer Exams
  • Flight & Ground Instructor Exams
  • Instrument Rating Exams
  • Parachute Rigger Exams
  • Private & Recreational Pilot Exams
  • Sports Pilot Exams
  • Unmanned Aircraft General Exam 
  • Unmanned General- Recurrent
  • NOTE: We do not offer the Inspection Authorization (IAR) exam at our testing center.
All FAA Exams cost $160 which is to be paid in advance of your scheduled appointment. To register and pay for your FAA exam, please visit

To qualify for an exam, you must meet the authorization/endorsement and identification criteria established by the FAA and PSI:

Identification must include an official photograph, date of birth, signature, and physical/residential address. All government IDs must be current, original, and printed in English. Valid IDs include a US driver's license, US government ID card, passport, US military ID card, or alien residency card.

Candidates who are not US citizens or resident aliens must present a passport and a secondary ID, which must follow the guidelines listed above under "US citizens."
Candidates who do not meet identification requirements will not be able to test and must reschedule.

Before you schedule an exam, be sure to review the FAA guidelines for test authorization. Several exams require flight instructor endorsements. You can review the authorization requirements for your specific situation and exam by viewing the FAA's official authorization requirements matrix.
If you are a BSU student, 141.95 Certificates of Graduation from the BSU Aviation Department are valid for 60 days beyond date of graduation. Students with an out-of-date 141.95 Certificate of Graduation will be asked to reschedule.

NOTE: An applicant retesting AFTER FAILURE is required to submit the original failed test report indicating failure, along with an endorsement from an authorized instructor who gave the applicant the required additional training. The endorsement must certify the applicant is competent to pass the test. If you no longer possess the original test report, you may present an "expired test/credit" letter issued by AFS-760.

Candidates who do not meet authorization requirements will not be able to test and must reschedule.
We administer FAA Knowledge Exams two to three days per week. Please check our availability upon registering at:  Before you make an appointment, please review the FAA "Applicant Identification, Information Verification, & Authorization Requirements Matrix," and be sure you have all the required documentation with you on your test date. To schedule an FAA exam, please register at: