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Placement Testing at BSU

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Incoming Student Placement Testing

Complete your placement testing ASAP.

Bridgewater Elementary Algebra Readiness (BEAR) Exam:
A two-part mathematics exam to determine your math placement.

In-person BEAR Exam Registration

Online BEAR Exam Registration

English Essay:
Self-submit your essay as soon as possible to get placed and scored into an English class. Essays submitted must be written using the prompt provided. To access the prompt, you must read through all instructions when you click the button below.

Access Prompt & Submit your English Essay

The Board of Higher Education of Massachusetts requires state universities, colleges, and community colleges to administer placement tests in English and mathematics to all new first-year students. Placement testing at Bridgewater State University is, therefore, mandatory. Placement test scores are used in connection with other factors to inform course selection for math and English courses. Students' skills are assessed in three broad areas: mathematics, reading, and writing.

Information for Students

If you were recently accepted to BSU and have decided to attend our university, first off, congratulations! We're excited that you're joining our university! By now, you may have gotten word that you'll need to sign up for placement testing and orientation before you begin studying here at BSU.  If you are an incoming first-year student, you'll need to complete placement testing. If you are an incoming transfer student, you may or may not need to complete placement testing, depending on your academic history at your previous institution(s). 

To learn more about a particular placement exam, click on one of the tabs below.

students working in math class
All incoming first-year students, and certain transfer students, will take math placement tests before attending BSU. We offer an online prep course and other resources to help students prepare. More info »
student reading in Maxwell Library
All incoming first-year students, and certain transfer students, will take reading and writing placement tests before attending BSU. Sample questions are available to help students prepare. More info »