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Proctored Exam Service

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BSU Testing Services offers a secure testing space for non-BSU proctored exams. Our facilities are suitable for both paper & pencil and web-based testing for test candidates who require a proctored environment. Whether you are enrolled in a distance learning program, staying in the area temporarily, or taking a professional licensure test that requires a proctor, our center is equipped to administer most types of paper- and computer-based tests.

Testing Services is a National College Testing Association- (NCTA) certified test center, and we subscribe to and uphold the NCTA's professional standards and guidelines. We also participate in the NCTA's Consortium of College Testing Centers referral service and ACCUPLACER's remote testing network.

Proctored exams cost $35 for exams up to three hours in length. Exams longer than three hours cost an additional $12 per scheduled hour (with a minimum extra charge of $12). We bill you based on the length of your appointment; we therefore do not issue refunds if you finish an exam earlier than your scheduled appointment end time. If you are taking an untimed test, and you exceed your scheduled appointment end time, we will bill you accordingly ($12 per hour for any time past three hours). Payment is due when you arrive to take the exam. For payment, we accept:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Electronic check

Schedule Your Exam

Proctored exams are offered five days a week, Monday through Friday, at any point during our office hours. Reschedule requests must be made at least 48 hours prior to your test time. You can schedule an exam two different ways:

Call 508.531.1780  |  Visit the Testing Services Office »


Five Steps to Arranging a Proctored Exam with Our Office:


  1. Schedule an appointment with our office. You can do so by calling us at 508.531.1780 during our office hours. Please note that to schedule an appointment, we need to know the maximum length of the exam(s) in order to bill you appropriately. We also need logistical details about the exam so that we can determine if our center is appropriately equipped to administer it.
  2. Inform the institution/organization who is providing your exam that you have scheduled an appointment with Bridgewater State University Testing Services. You should also provide them with our phone number (508-531-1780), mailing address (see "Contact Info"), and e-mail address ( so that they can verify our ability to deliver the test and provide us with exam delivery instructions.
  3. Your institution should then contact us and mail/e-mail any of the following items needed for your test:
    • any proctor pre-approval forms;
    • test information and guidelines;
    • candidate ID requirements;
    • instructions on how to return the exam (if applicable);
    • technology requirements (if applicable);
    • supplemental materials (if applicable);
    • exam password(s) (if applicable);
    • the exam itself (if paper & pencil).
  4. Once we receive the exam and all required documentation, you are ready for test day. We ask that you call 24 hours before your appointment to verify that we have your test on file.
  5. At this point, connect with your sponsoring institution to ensure that you have all required identification and documentation. If your test is to be returned via mail, and your institution is not providing a return envelope, be sure to bring a pre-paid envelope with you on test day. If you do not bring a pre-paid envelope, we will charge you a $3 postage fee along with your test fee.