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For Students

Find Courses That Incorporate Real World Projects

In addition to the opportunity to work on projects in the real world, CUBEs courses may include guest speakers, site visits with employers and networking events. Students who have participated in CUBEs projects feel more engaged in the course and are more prepared for their desired career.

Recent CUBEs project courses

MKTG 420 Marketing Research — Instructor: Dr. Stephanie Jacobsen
MGMT 426 Service Operations Management — Instructor: Dr. Xiangrong Liu
MGMT 490 Strategic Management — Instructor: Prof. Michael Brophy
MGMT 595 Strategic Management — Instructor: Prof. William Brennan
ACFI 476 Insurance and Risk Management — Instructor: Dr. Karen Hamilton
PHOE 483 Senior Engineering Design I — Instructor: Dr. Samuel Serna Otálvaro
MATH 350 Regression Analysis — Instructor: Dr. Wanchunzi Yu
COMM 337 Public Relations Research and Measurement — Instructor: Dr. Hui Zhang

"This gives the students a very hand on approach to business in the real world."

"It was cool to learn through a real life experience."

"Learning from a textbook only gets you so far. When you simultaneously apply what you are learning to a real life scenario, it makes it stick more and I feel like I learned a lot."

"This gives real experience to students! Rather than working on a project within the classroom, you get legitimate expectations from the client and understand how to navigate the steps in marketing research efficiently and effectively."

"Because this gave me the opportunity to work with an actual company rather than using a scenario, it gave me more motivation to get the job done and well, to satisfy our clients needs."

Testimonials from recent CUBEs students