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Bachelor of Political Science Degrees

Learn How Politics Shape Our World with BSU’s Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science Programs

A political science bachelor’s degree from Bridgewater State University delivers the knowledge and understanding of how political systems affect everything from government, private business, schools and justice systems to communities and families. It’s an essential discipline not only for those looking to enter the various political realms but also those looking to enter other career fields such as business, journalism, finance or law.

Through BSU's Department of Political Science, you’ll learn scientific methods that conceptualize how political forces impact our lives and gain exposure to the important issues of our day. Not only will you understand the basic ideas of political science, but you’ll also graduate with the ability to clearly and effectively communicate your knowledge to others.

Political Science Program Highlights

a BSU student smiling and sitting at a table while talking with a faculty member who has his laptop open between them

One-on-one advising

As a political science undergraduate, you’ll have personalized, intensive private advising sessions to help you shape your education and career path.
BSU professor Kevin Donnelly teaching class in front of a white board as students look on

Accomplished faculty

BSU’s Political Science Department is comprised of experienced instructors and scholars. They include multiple Presidential Teaching Award winners and published authors.
BSU student shaking Governor Charlie Baker's hand at the Massachusetts state house

High-profile internship opportunities

Political science undergraduate students in our bachelor’s degree in political science programs have interned with U.S. Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren, Governor Charlie Baker and the Suffolk County Superior Court.

Democratic Governance and Leadership Program

The DGLP is housed in the Department of Political Science and promotes teaching, scholarship and community service. This program is open to all political science undergraduate students.

Learn to write with expertise

While earning your BA in political science, you’ll learn to understand and effectively communicate about political systems, processes and theories by developing logical arguments that make use of relevant evidence.

Earn your law degree

BSU now has a 3+3 program in partnership with UMass Law. Through this accelerated program, you may complete your bachelor's degree in political science at Bridgewater and your JD law degree at UMass Law in a total of six years, instead of the usual seven.

Program of Study for Political Science Students

Regardless of which major or minor you choose, the Department of Political Science is committed to ensuring you’ll have a complete understanding of the topics that are today’s biggest issues in politics. Just a few of our newer political science undergraduate courses for political science majors are:

  • LGBTQ Politics in America
  • Immigration Policy
  • Politics of Climate Change

Click any link below to reveal each program's course detail.

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Program details from 2023-2024 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog

"As a political science undergraduate at BSU, I’ve been granted the opportunity to grow as a student and person through the connections I’ve made. Growing as a student and person within this department is inevitable, because we have faculty and mentors who “tell us how it is,” who guide us and who respectfully challenge us. This is the true uniqueness and magic of the political science department, and any student who has the opportunity to get involved with our department quickly realizes this!”
Muriel Mena, '23

Careers in Political Science

Graduates who have earned a political science bachelor’s degree have many career choices. Many of our political science majors have gone on to prominent law schools and top-ranked political science graduate programs. And while a career in politics is certainly where many graduates with our bachelor’s degree in political science land, with additional education and credentials, your undergraduate degree can lead to jobs in many other industries and organizations.

Just a few jobs you could pursue with a bachelor’s degree in political science are:

  • Political Analyst
  • Attorney
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Political Consultant
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Legislative Assistant
  • Political Journalist
BSU Political Science major Maya Elysse smiling in front of the Rondileau Student Union bear statue

Continue your education beyond your BA in Political Science

If you want to take your political science bachelor’s degree to the next level, the Department of Political Science also offers the following graduate programs: Certified Public Managers, Graduate Certificate Public Administration, MPA Public Administration, Civic and Nonprofit Leadership and Administration Concentration, MPA.