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BSU/UMass Law Accelerated 3 + 3 Program

The BSU and UMass Law Accelerated 3 + 3 Program is open to academically qualified undergraduate students who are committed to pursuing a law degree at UMass Law. Participants complete the first three years of their undergraduate studies and meet the requirements specified below. In their fourth year, participants matriculate at UMass Law as full-time first-year law students, and they earn credit toward completion of the undergraduate degree by completing their first-year law courses. Students save one year of college tuition by substituting their first year of law school for their final year of undergraduate study.


Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for admission to UMass Law under the 3+3 program, BSU students must meet the following requirements:

  • earn at least 90 credits
  • complete all requirements in a participating major and the Core Curriculum
  • maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
  • successfully pass the LSAT or GRE
  • receive a written recommendation from a BSU Pre-Law Advisor
  • meet all other UMass Law admission requirements

The majors participating in the 3 + 3 program are Criminal Justice, English, History, Philosophy and Political Science.


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I join the 3+3 program?

Interested students should email to participate no later than the end of the first semester of their second year.


What if I don’t pass my first year law courses?

Students who do not complete the first year of law school can return to BSU to finish their bachelor’s degree.


Why are only five majors participating in the program? What if I am in a different major?

The five majors participating in the 3+3 program were chosen in part because the number of credits required to complete these majors is manageable over three years. As the program develops, adding other majors will be considered.


Who can help me to make sure I am meeting all the requirements of the program?

Each participating department will have a designated pre-law advisor who will work with students participating in the 3+3 program. Also, each department will develop advising guides for students in the program, so that they can plan ahead to ensure they complete all requirements in the major within three years.


How do I find out more information about the 3+3 program?

For general questions about the 3+3 program or to participate, please email To find out more about UMass Law, please visit