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A group of teachers jumping in front of an Earthview globe

EarthView Globes are both fascinating teaching tools and delicate works of art.

EarthView 1 is a hand-painted, large-scale map of the Earth's surface, showing biological communities, rivers, seas, landforms, continents, islands, oceans, and major cities in vibrant colors.

EarthView 2 uses cloud-free, high resolution, satellite images from NASA, printed on a durable fabric marked with the Equator and Tropics, largest cities and highest mountains.

The inside of both globes provides a two-story, portable classroom that reveals the positions of continents, islands, time zones and landforms relative to tectonic plate boundaries, and ocean spreading centers. All of the details on the outside of EarthView Globes are visible during sessions inside the globe -though in reverse.

High school students touring the inside of an Earthview globe


The EarthView Team is grateful to our colleagues at Littleton Middle School for preparing this one-minute video for viewers who have not yet seen the EV1 globe.

EarthView in LMS

Reserve EarthView Globes

EarthView Globe Interior Visit
The EarthView inflatable globe is designed for use as a portable classroom, allowing groups of students to see the entire world at once, from a unique, interior perspective. Due to the enclosed space, all students and teachers are required to wear masks while in the globe. If that is not possible, please consider an EarthView Globe Exterior Visit, which is mask optional.

EarthView Globe Exterior Visit 
During the exterior globe program, faculty will lead discussions of general topics such as biomes, scale, time zones, climate and climate change, hurricanes, and the operation of global positioning systems (GPS). Our educators also have expertise in the tropical and Southern Hemisphere regions that are easily visible from the exterior: Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. We cannot use the exterior of the globe for teaching about North America, Europe or Asia, and recommend the Giant Floor Map for discussions focused on these regions. 

EarthView Globe Lending Program
If you have attended an EarthView Institute and are trained on the use of EarthView globes, you may borrow a globe for use in your classroom.

Make a Reservation
If you would like to request an EarthView globe visit (Fridays only), or borrow an EarthView globe, please review the EarthView Program Guidelines, check our calendar for availability, and submit a completed EarthView Program Reservation Request Form. A member of our team will contact you within 48 hours of your request. We would love to see pictures of your students in action! We do need the Media Release to be submitted with each photograph.

Please note that BSU requires all members of our campus community (including vaccinated students, faculty, staff and visitors) to comply with BSU's policy regarding wearing masks in educational settings. As such, during an EarthView Interior visit to your school, students and teachers will need to wear masks for the duration of their participation inside the globe. Masks are optional during an EarthView Exterior visit.  

Please contact with any questions.