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The EarthView Institute offers professional development for teachers, which allows trained teachers the opportunity to borrow EarthView globes and floor maps at no cost. 

Giant Floor Maps - Training Sessions

The primary goal of this institute is to train a corps of teachers to possess both content knowledge of the world’s many regions and the teaching skills that will enable them to introduce new and creative teaching approaches as they use floor maps in their school districts.

These giant traveling floor maps developed by National Geographic Society and housed at Bridgewater State University can be used by you after completing training sessions on the care and use of the maps. This institute training will demonstrate setup of the maps, activities to do with various grade levels, and handling of the maps. Teachers will develop the content knowledge and presentation skills to use them effectively in their own school districts.

Please check back for upcoming programs. At this time we do not have any trainings scheduled. Please email if interested in future training sessions.