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Engage In Math Faculty and Educators

Polina Sabinin

Dr. Polina Sabinin - Associate Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Polina Sabinin is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Bridgewater State University. She coordinates Engage in Math outreach programs through the Center for the Advancement of STEM Education and co-directs the Math Kangaroo Olympiad in Massachusetts. She also co-leads STEM Education in Georgia Travel Course.

Over the past decade, Dr. Sabinin has worked on teaching and learning mathematics with in-service and pre-service teachers at all grade levels. Dr. Sabinin's research focuses on teaching mathematics through problem solving, educational games, and puzzles. She co-authored the visual logic game, Smart Cookies, and is currently co-authoring LogicGym, a teacher’s manual that introduces students to visual logic.

Dr. Sabinin's doctoral degree in mathematics education at Boston University focused on students’ understanding of steepness before they are taught slope in school. She also                                                                                  holds degrees in biological and medical sciences from University of Calgary.

Katie Young

Katie Young - Elementary Mathematics Specialist

Katie Young is an elementary mathematics specialist in Foxboro. Before specializing in elementary mathematics, Katie taught preschool, fourth and sixth grades. Katie’s passion is in helping people, young and old, to see all the excitement that mathematics has to offer. She is a teacher leader, a student cheerleader, a math enthusiast, and a life-long learner.

In addition to teaching, for ten years, Katie directed a math camp for students in grades 2-8. In this camp, she fostered students’ love of mathematics through games, puzzles, and guided discovery.

Katie holds Bachelor’s degrees in elementary education and psychology. She has a Master’s degree in mathematics education in grades 1-6. Her undergraduate research focused on self-perceptions and self-esteem while her graduate research was on math anxiety.