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The BSU Observatory is a small facility dedicated to public outreach, student research, and academic support.

The BSU Observatory is far from the largest observatory in the region, but is dedicated to education in astronomy. The observatory is open up to six nights a week for classes and outreach events, and at any time for undergraduate research.

Our staff are dedicated to learning astronomy and teaching it to the public. The students who work here come from disparate disciplines, backgrounds, and levels of experience, but are united by their love of astronomy and the night sky.

Observatory Manager: Jamie Kern

Observatory Curator: Joseph Doyle

Faculty Liaison: Dr. Martina Arndt

Observatory Assistant: TBA

Student Managers: Samantha Boni, Adam Gustafson, Nicolas Matsuo, and Maria Patrone

Student Employees: Ginnelle Foster, John Gilmore, Rydia Hayes-Huer, Luke Thompson, Ellen Parsier, Bree Pilgrim, Megan Podolski, Henry Tran, and Caroline Wilbur.