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Art and Art History

Create, Design, Discover: Bachelor of Arts Degree, Art Minors and Art Graduate Programs at Bridgewater State University

Global art. Printmaking. Art history. Creating and exploring art in various forms and genres are at the core of our art studies programs in Bridgewater State University’s nationally accredited Department of Art and Art History.

At BSU, you’ll find undergraduate art studies and art graduate programs you can tailor to your interests. Whether you’re seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree, art graduate programs or simply want to take art history or studio classes, BSU can give you the intellectual foundation, technical skills and concepts that will inform your art — and ideas about art — for the rest of your life.

Find top undergraduate art programs and art graduate programs at BSU 

Top undergraduate art programs and art graduate programs like ours are accredited — and vetted — by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

BSU’s art studies and BA in arts degrees also offer:

  • Access to practicing artists and art historians for instruction and inspiration.
  • Fulfilling internships (at places such as DraftKings, Hasbro, Museum of Fine Arts, Samsonite, and others), exciting research opportunities and field trips to world-class museums and galleries in Boston, Providence and New York.
  • Top facilities with dedicated spaces for graphic design, painting, printmaking, photography and 2D and 3D design.
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