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Beyond the Classroom


Many students participate in internships at successful regional companies, marketing firms, museums, and other locations. Students have interned in a variety of artistic and design-related roles at notable placements including DraftKings, State Street Corporation, Samsonite, Hasbro, Museum of Fine Arts, Fuller Craft Museum and others.

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International Study Tours 

BSU’s international study tours are faculty-led, short-term travel courses that run for one to three weeks. Bypassing typical tourist destinations, these tours focus on areas where students can engage in unique, cross-cultural artistic activities. Previous trips have included courses in ancient Japanese pottery, as well as experiences in Portugal, Belize, Tanzania and other countries.

Undergraduate Research

Many of our students participate in the Adrian Tinsley Program for Undergraduate Research. This program provides additional funding for supplies, travel expenses and equipment that may not typically be available as part of their classes. Through the grant application process, students also learn how to access resources to support their artistic pursuits in the future. In the summer months, students work directly with a faculty mentor to produce creative projects and conduct in-depth research.

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