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Beyond the Classroom


Computer Science is all about developing solutions to problems and finding better ways to do things. We encourage all students to undertake an internship where they can play an important role in helping organizations achieve their digital goals. BSU Computer Science majors have served internships with such companies as Meditech, Partners Healthcare, Panera Bread, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, RedHat, State Street and Dell.

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Undergraduate Research

Students are encouraged to join a faculty member’s research group. This can be a way to work on existing research projects with real-world impact, as well as provide inspiration and direction for the capstone course that all seniors are required to take before graduation. In addition, research is a key aspect of the honors program in computer science, which provides highly motivated students with opportunities to engage in intensive scholarly study and research. Honors theses can complement or replace undergraduate research work.

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Computer Science Club 

The club provides an active and positive social environment for students who are interested in computer science. Members have competed in programming and robotics competitions, hackathons and on-campus activities focused on the various opportunities and challenges inherent in the discipline. Four BSU students recently won the best design award at HackPrinceton, besting 70 other university teams in the 36-hour competition at Princeton University. Members also have the chance to collaborate, explore interests together and make contacts that can be useful in their career.