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Our Faculty - Economics


Jones, Michael.jpg

Dr. Michael Jones

Professor and Chairperson of Economics
Lomba Dan.JPG

Dr. Daniel Lomba

Associate Professor of Economics

Faculty Emeriti

Antoniotti Stan_0.jpg

Stanley Antoniotti

Professor Emeritus of Economics
headshot photo of Dr. Margaret Brooks

Dr. Margaret Brooks

Professor Emeritus of Economics and Director (1992-2022) of BSU Center for Economic Education
Cicerone Tony_0.jpg

Dr. Anthony Cicerone

Professor Emeritus of Economics and Director (2000-2012) of Canadian Studies Council
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Dr. Ranjit Vohra

Professor Emeritus of Economics

Part-Time Faculty

AndzieQuaninoo Lord.JPG

Dr. Lord Andzie-Quainoo

Part-Time Faculty
Prateek Goorha

Dr. Prateek Goorha

Part-Time Faculty
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Mohammed Partapurwala

Part-Time Faculty
Proffesor Subhendu Roy with short dark hair and mustache wearing a yellow and black horizontally striped polo shirt with yellow collar

Subhendu Roy

Part-Time Faculty
Saranjam Ahmad_0.jpg

Ahmad Saranjam

Part-Time Faculty


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Prentiss Richardson

Administrative Assistant