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Our Faculty - Management & Marketing


headshot of Dr. Jakari Griffith smiling with no hair and black and gray stubble mustache and beard wearing a blue and white pinstripe button down shirt under a dark gray suit jacket

Dr. Jakari N. Griffith

Associate Professor and Chairperson of Management & Marketing
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Michael Brophy

Instructor of Management and Marketing
Kelley Donalds

Dr. Kelley Donalds

Associate Professor of Management
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Dr. Marian Extejt

Professor of Management
Dr. Kathleen Ferris with long dark hair pulled back wearing a black blazer over a black top

Dr. Kathleen R. Ferris

Professor of Management, Graduate Program Chair
Dr. Martin Grossman headshot photo

Dr. Martin Grossman

Professor of Management; Continuing Studies Coordinator
Dr. Todd Harris

Dr. Todd C. Harris

Associate Professor of Management & Marketing
Stephanie Jacobsen

Dr. Stephanie Jacobsen

Associate Professor of Management and Marketing
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Dr. Marge Johnsson

Assistant Professor of Management and Marketing
Xiangrong Liu

Dr. Xiangrong Liu

Professor of Management; Internship Coordinator
Dr. Peter Sietins headshot photo

Dr. Peter Sietins

Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator of Management
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Dr. Chien Wen Yu

Professor of Management; Coordinator of Asian Studies


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Kathleen Seery-Lee

Administrative Assistant I