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  • Anne Hird

    Anne Hird
    Professor and Chairperson of Secondary Education & Professional Programs; Coordinator for MAT and International MEd
    Adrian Tinsley Center Room 229

    Anne Hird coordinates and teaches in the Instructional Technology program. Dr. Hird, author of Learning from Cyber-Savvy Students: How Internet-Age Kids Impact Classroom Teaching, describes herself as living with one foot on the ground and one foot in "cyberspace." She has worked with computer technology in schools since 1982. Her experience ranges from teaching in the Providence Public Schools to directing the $1.1 million Library Power grant across 27 elementary and middle schools. Most recently, she has spearheaded the effort to move the Instructional Technology MEd to a fully Web-based degree program.


    BA, Brown University
    MS, Simmons College
    PhD, University of Rhode Island

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  • Benedicta Agbarha

    Benedicta Agbarha
    Professor of Secondary Education & Professional Programs
    Adrian Tinsley Center Room 217

    Benedicta "Bennie" Agbarha's professional areas of interest include educational leadership, educational research and evaluation, equity in education, and conflict management. Dr. Agbarha is a full-time faculty member at Bridgewater State University and teaches: Systems Planning for Educational Leaders, Curriculum Design and Improvement, Legal and Ethical Issues in Educational Leadership, and Communication between and among stakeholders.


    BSc, MSc, University of Benin
    EdD, University of Massachusetts at Lowell, School Administration Planning and Policy

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  • John-Michael Bodi

    John-Michael Bodi
    Professor of Secondary Education & Professional Programs; Coordinator, Master's Core Program
    Adrian Tinsley Center Room 214A

    Dr. Bodi is an active researcher and successful teacher in the fields of history and philosophy of education as well as assessment and evaluation of learning. After almost twenty years in public and private schools as a classroom teacher and school principal "JM" earned his doctorate at the University of Texas in Austin. Since that time he's been active in educational politics as teaching in higher education.


    BFA, Ohio State University
    MEd, University of Houston
    PhD, The University of Texas at Austin

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  • Phyllis Gimbel

    Phyllis Gimbel
    Professor of Secondary Education & Professional Programs
    Adrian Tinsley Center Room 231

    Dr. Phyllis Gimbel is a Professor of Educational Leadership at Bridgewater State University where she received the V. James DiNardo Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching and was chosen as the first faculty fellow in the Office of Teaching and Learning.

    Having spent nearly 20 years in teaching and in administrative positions in both public and independent schools, Gimbel has published and presented widely on a variety of topics related to leadership, mentoring, teaching and learning. Her second book, Healthy Schools: The Hidden Component of Teaching and Learning, was published in October 2013. Her recent article on communication in school leadership was published in the 100th anniversary issue of the journal, Principal Leadership.

    Gimbel received a Master’s in Teaching Romance Languages from Teachers College, Columbia University, a Master’s in Education from Harvard University,  and her doctoral degree in Education from the University of Massachusetts. She has served as Chair of the Board/President of the World of Wellesley, a non-profit devoted to diversity and as a member of the Wellesley Public Schools Superintendent’s Strategic Advisory Committee.  Phyllis currently serves on the non-profit Board of Directors of Adolescent Wellness, Inc.

    Courses Taught

    Foundations and Issues in Middle/high Schools
    Introduction to Educational Leadership and School Reform
    Designing and Evaluating the School/District Professional Learning Community
    Effective School Administration
    The Reflective PractitionerPersonnel Functions in Public Schools
    Curriculum Improvement
    CAGS Externship.


    BA, Hood College
    MA, Columbia University, French
    EdM, Harvard University
    EdD, University of Massachusetts at Lowell, 2001, School Leadership

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  • Stephen Krajeski

    Stephen Krajeski
    Assistant Professor of Secondary Education & Professional Programs
    Adrian Tinsley Center

    Stephen Krajeski earned his doctorate in Curriculum Instruction with a focus on Science Education from Pennsylvania State University after teaching high school physics for three years. He joins Bridgewater State University's Department of Secondary Education and Professional Programs and will teach Introduction to Education (EDHM 210) and Strategies for Teaching in the High School-Integrated Science (HSED 465). His research focuses on supporting pre-service science teachers in developing culturally relevant pedagogy. He will also serve as an adviser to science and mathematics majors with a secondary education minor as well as a committee member for the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program. His favorite hobbies include playing team trivia and board games.

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  • TC Mattocks

    TC Mattocks
    Associate Professor of Secondary Education & Professional Programs; Coordinator of Educational Leadership
    Hart Hall Room 319

    Dr. Chris Mattocks arrived at Bridgewater State University in 2008 after 43 years in public education as a high school teacher/coach, superintendent, and college professor. His career has included work in Montana, Idaho, and Massachusetts. While serving as superintendent of the Bellingham (MA) school district from 2002-2008, he was also a part-time faculty for Bridgewater in the areas of school law, the superintendency, and public relations. Chris teaches courses in beginning and advanced law, school finance, personnel, and the superintendency, and serves as coordinator of the LEAD Program.


    BS, MEd, Montana State University
    EdD, Montana State University, 1987, Educational Leadership

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  • Robert McManus

    Robert McManus
    Assistant Professor of Secondary Education and Professional Programs
    Adrian Tinsley Center Room 219

    Dr. Robert A. McManus has been employed at Bridgewater State University since the fall of 2011. As a part-time faculty in the Master's Core, he served as the full-time administrator for the Bridge Partnership Program. In the fall of 2012, he was appointed Pre-Practicum Coordinator and temporary full-time Assistant Professor in Secondary Education and Professional Programs. He was recently appointed to a permanent position in the Educational Leadership Program and will continue to serve as Pre-Practicum Coordinator for the College of Education and Allied Studies.

    A former middle school principal and special education director in the District of Columbia Public School System, Dr. McManus has held teaching positions at several other universities. As a member of the US Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol, he served as a full-time teacher of Aerospace Education to students in grades 7-12 in Fort Washington, Maryland and, in 2012, helped establish the Bridgewater State University Squadron of Civil Air Patrol that is currently in operation through our Department of Aviation Science in the Ricciardi College of Business. 

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  • Stephen Nelson

    Stephen Nelson
    Professor of Secondary Education & Professional Programs/Educational Leadership
    Adrian Tinsley Center Room 233

    Stephen J. Nelson is a Professor of Educational Leadership at Bridgewater State University and a Senior Scholar in the Leadership Alliance at Brown University. Professor Nelson teaches in the Educational Leadership Program in the Department of Secondary Education and Professional Programs concentrating on questions and issues of leadership, organizational culture, behavior and dynamics, and educational research. He guides the development and implementation of CAGS student research projects and collaborates with Graduate Research Assistants on student-initiated research studies, articles, publications, and professional presentations.

    Professor Nelson's most recent major book is The Shape and Shaping of the College and University in America: A Lively Experiment (2016). He is also the author of five books about the college presidency: College Presidents Reflect: Life in and out of the Ivory Tower (2013), Decades of Chaos and Revolution: Showdowns for College Presidents (2012), Leaders in the Crossroads: Success and Failure in the College Presidency (2009), Leaders in the Labyrinth: College Presidents and the Battleground of Creeds and Convictions (2007), Leaders in the Crucible: The Moral Voice of College Presidents (2000), as well as numerous scholarly articles. Prior to his career as a professor, he was a college student affairs administrator at Wellesley, Dartmouth and Bard Colleges where he was the Dean of Students. Professor Nelson's work focuses on the history of the college and university in America and on the college presidency. He further maintains broad interests in the field of educational leadership, especially in higher education, in organizational culture and theory, and in general issues of leadership in the public and private sector. 



    BA, Gettysburg College, History
    MARS, Hartford Seminary
    MDiv, Andover Newton Theological School
    PhD, University of Connecticut, Professional Higher Education Administration

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  • Sarah Thomas

    Sarah Thomas
    Assistant Professor of Secondary Education and Professional Programs
    Adrian Tinsley Center, Room 207

    Prior to accepting the position at Bridgewater State University, Sarah taught English in public and private institutions in the United States and abroad. Her research interests include international education, technology in education and mentoring. She is the advisor to English majors with a secondary education minor and the liaison to the College of Education and Allied Studies for undergraduate secondary education minors. Sarah also serves on the board of greenlight for girls, an international NGO dedicated to inspire girls to pursue STEM subjects.


    BA, Bridgewater State University
MA, Marquette University
EdD, Boston University

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  • Melissa Winchell

    Melissa Winchell
    Assistant Professor of Secondary Education and Professional Programs; Coordinator for Accelerated Post Baccalaureate Program
    Adrian Tinsley Center, Room 227

    Melissa Winchell obtained her doctorate in educational leadership and leadership in urban schools from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Dr. Winchell teaches courses in secondary education pedagogy, curriculum, and assessment for undergraduate and graduate students. Her research interests include critical cultural competence and contemplative education. She was a lead author for a chapter in Freire’s Intellectual Roots: Toward Historicity in Practice, which won the Society of Education Professors Book Award for 2014. Dr. Winchell’s next publication is a chapter titled, “No Place Like Home: Reconceptualizing Whiteness as Place│ Space within Teacher Education.” She enjoys travel, coffee and volunteering; she is a community advocate with Inclusion Matters, the Federation for Children with Special Needs, a local school council, and Brockton’s Department of Developmental Services.


    BA, Gordon College
    MAT, Salem State University
    EdD, University of Massachusetts at Boston

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  • Carol Young

    Carol Young
    Assistant Professor of Secondary Education and Professional Programs
    Adrian Tinsley Center, Room 214

    Since 2004, Dr. Carol Young has been teaching EDLE and EDMC courses in her role as a part-time Associate Professor at BSU. Her preK-12 experience includes positions as special education teacher, Director of Special Education and Assistant Superintendent. In the fall, Dr. Young will be teaching EDLE 547/674 and EDLE 669.  Special interests are educational leadership, social justice, teacher collaboration, community service learning, curriculum development, special education, and personnel. Carol has hosted students from Argentina, Brazil and Japan for many years. Prior to earning her doctorate at UMass-Lowell, Carol completed her BS, MEd and Ed Leadership CAGS at BSU.

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Part-time Faculty Profiles

  • Peter Cannone

    Assistant Professor of Secondary Education and Professional Programs; K-12 Coordinator for Regional Outreach
    Adrian Tinsley Center, Room 214
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  • Andrea Schwamb

    Andrea Schwamb
    Part-Time Faculty
    Adrian Tinsley Center, Room 214

    Dr. Andrea B. Schwamb is currently the Assistant Superintendent for the Wareham Public Schools in Wareham, Massachusetts. She is also an adjunct professor at Bridgewater State University. Dr. Schwamb has been in the field of education for twenty years and has had the opportunity to teach in a number of institutions serving diverse populations. The last 15 years have been dedicated to leadership roles within public schools (Assistant Principal, Special Education Team Chair, and Principal). Research interests include leadership, school culture, teacher evaluation and professional development, assessment, international curriculum, systems, and organizational theory to realize true equity and access to learning for ALL students.

    Courses Taught

    BS, Lesley University
    MEd, Salem State University
    EdD, Northeastern University

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