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Dependency Status

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Determining Your Dependency Status

Part of filling out your FAFSA Form is determining whether or not you are a dependent student. If you are determined to be a dependent student, you'll need to include your parents' financial info on your FAFSA, as it will be considered along with your info when determining whether you're eligible for federal student aid.

You are generally considered an independent student if you are:

  • Pursuing a Master's Degree or Graduate Certificate (At BSU these programs fall under the College of Graduate Studies)
  • On Active Duty in the U.S. Armed Forces (for purposes other than training)
  • A Veteran
  • Married
  • Have Children You Support
  •  Are 24 Years or Older

If you can't answer "Yes" to any of these questions then you are likely considered a dependent student. If your living situation is different (such as having divorced parents, or living with grandparent/relative) then the FAFSA will help to guide you as you answer the questions. If you are still unsure whether you are considered a dependent student, the BSU Financial Aid Office can assist you.

Dependency Override

In some instances, a student may not be able to answer "YES" to any of the dependency questions, but you may believe you are independent. At times a financial aid office can use professional judgment to override a dependency status if it is an extenuating circumstance. The financial aid office must abide to the federal guidelines to override a dependency status. Please contact our office to speak with one of our counselors to determine if you are eligible for an override. You will be required to provide written documentation of your claim of independence.