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Financing Options

There are several options available to students and parents when it comes to financing your education. Below we have listed an overview of a few of these options.

Please feel free to explore these or any other type of financing you find suits your own individual circumstances. Please check this web page often for updates on different options. You may choose one of these options, or a combination of these options.

BSU Payment Plan

This is a web-based, interest-free payment plan that assists students and their families to spread the semester charges over four monthly installments. The payment plan is based on actual charges less financial aid credits. Enrollment in the plan for the fall semester begins in early July, and begins in early December for the spring semester. The first payment is due on Aug. 1 for the fall semester, with the remaining payments due the first day of the next three months. The first payment is due on Jan. 1 for the spring semester, with the remaining payments due the first day of the next three months. Each semester, a $25.00 non-refundable enrollment fee is required at the time of enrollment. For more information, contact the Student Accounts Office at 508.531.1225 or

Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan

A fixed interest credit based Federal loan that allows a parent of a dependent undergraduate student to borrow up the cost of attendance, minus any other aid/resources, for each year the student is in school (must submit an application each year). The Parent PLUS Loan application is available at This loan will be in the parent's name and is the parent's responsibility. It will appear on the parent's credit report. The parent borrower must also sign a Master Promissory Note at Payments on this loan may be deferred, but the parent must request deferment through the Direct Loan Servicing Center.

Alternative Loans

These are typically variable interest rate, credit-based, private loans that allow a student or a parent to borrow up to the cost of attendance, minus any other aid, for each year the student is in school (must re-apply each year). If the student is the borrower and does not have a strong credit history, s/he may be required to have a co-signer. The co-signer will be equally responsible for this loan, at the time of application, and all the way through repayment. It will appear on both the borrower and co-signers credit report. If a parent is considering co-signing an alternative loan, you may want to consider the Federal Direct PLUS Loan above. Please review the "things to consider when choosing a private alternative loan" below before moving forward with the application process.

If you decide to explore private alternative loans*, you can click the link below to view a list of lenders. If you wish to use another lender that is not on this list, you have the right to do so. Alternative loans should only be considered by students after you have already applied for financial aid and you have received all state and federal financial aid that you are eligible for.  To apply for financial aid, please visit the FAFSA website.

A list of alternative loans can be found at this website:

Note: this is not an endorsement of any of these options. Students should be aware and cautious of any scholarship foundation or company that requires an application fee, investment, processing fee, etc. Please review the Federal Trade Commission’s recommendations on how to avoid scholarship and financial aid scams.