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BSU Financial Foundations Workshop Series

The financial foundations that you develop today will have a significant impact on your future success.

Faculty, staff and student organizations are invited to schedule one or more of the following topics from our BSU Bear’s Financial Fitness workshop series. Each workshop topic is facilitated by a knowledgeable Financial Aid staff member who is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

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BSU Financial Fitness

Participate in interactive activities and receive an overview of basic personal financial principles and how to make informed financial decisions.

Understanding Cash Flow

Build a budget tailored to your needs, learn to utilize money to the max while minimizing debt, explore credit and how to increase your credit score, and discover how saving now results in greater freedom later.

Post-Grad Action

Develop a short-term plan to bridge college to work life. Learn about student loan repayment options, relocation budgeting tips, estimating cost of living, the impact of early investing and compound interest, how to get out of debt while building your future and more.

The Power of Credit

Get answers to all your credit questions, including credit card basics, how to build credit and why credit is important.

How to Talk About Money

Learn why it is important to talk about money with friends, family and significant others, and strategize ways to have these discussions.

Playing the Financial Game

Discover the importance of budgeting and preparing for the unexpected through a simulation of the Game of Life.

Money Essential for Young Professionals

The low down on money matters you will face in your 20s and beyond. Short, mid, and long-term goal setting. Topics include paychecks, post-college budgeting, debt, saving, investing to accumulate wealth, and how to negotiate money conversations in relationships. Tips on what you can do to increase your future income potential before graduation. Recommended for juniors, seniors, nontraditional students, and graduate students.

Paychecks and Possibilities

Manage your paycheck and learn about banking basics, budgeting, direct deposit, W-2 and tax support, and more!