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Exchange/Study Abroad Programs Guide

Students participating in an exchange program or a study abroad program may be eligible for financial aid.

The types of aid available will depend upon the kind of program in which the student participates. There are generally three different types of programs:

Exchange Program

The exchange program is a program of foreign study in which the foreign institution and Bridgewater State University enter into a formal association, agreeing upon a reciprocal exchange of students.

  • Students are eligible for most financial aid for which they would otherwise have been eligible if studying at BSU, except for Federal Work Study.
  • Students are billed by the BSU student accounts office for tuition and fees, and may apply their financial aid received to their bill.
  • Students may use financial aid funds received in excess of the amount due on the bill for Room and board at their host schools.

National Student Exchange Program

The National Student Exchange Program involves attending another college or university in the United States with which BSU has an agreement. There are different billing/payment options available for students to choose from. Financial aid is based upon which payment plan the student is using. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

Study Abroad Program

The study abroad program is a program of foreign study that occurs at a foreign institution where the program director has signed a consortium agreement.

  • Students may be eligible for most financial aid which they would otherwise have been eligible for if studying at BSU, excluding Federal Work Study and tuition waivers.
  • Students must make prior arrangements with their academic department to have all courses taken at the foreign institution accepted for credit at BSU.
  • Students are billed by the foreign institution and financial aid received from BSU may be used towards their bill.
  • Students may use financial aid funds received in excess of the amount due on the bill for other educational expenses.

All other current federal, state, and BSU regulations and policies governing financial aid are in effect for these programs. For example, changes in enrollment status (number of credits or grade level, etc.) will affect a student’s financial aid. Likewise, all financial deadlines will apply to students studying through an exchange or study abroad program.

Any student who participates in any of the exchange or study abroad programs should provide “power of attorney” to a person who, in the student’s absence, will attend to the student’s financial concerns and to other college related matters in a timely and appropriate manner. The Office of Student Accounts should be provided with an original “power of attorney” form. Copies of the document should be provided to the Financial Aid Office and the International and Exchange Programs Office. The person granted the “power of attorney” must have the document in hand, as well as a personal form of picture identification, when conducting business on behalf of the student.

It is highly recommended that students considering an Exchange or Study Abroad Program make an appointment with Samantha Moran in the Office of Financial Aid.