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Work Study Programs

Bridgewater State University participates in a wide variety of federal, state, institutional, and private financial aid programs. These programs can be grouped into three categories: grant, work and loan.

The following is a description of the work programs:

For financial aid purposes, the term “undergraduate” in the following paragraphs refers to students who are pursuing their first undergraduate degree. Enrollment levels are as follows: full time: 12 or more credits; three quarter time: 9 to 11 credits, half time: 6 to 8 credits; less than half time: 1 to 5 credits.

For questions regarding all forms of student employment please contact the Office of Student Employment, located in Boyden Hall, at (508) 531-1232.

  • eligibility is based directly on demonstrated financial need
  • available to undergraduate students enrolled at least half-time; priority given to full time students
  • provides financially eligible students an opportunity to work part-time on campus
  • pay rates vary, refer to Student Employment Web page for updated information
  • students work according to their class schedule, typically 10–12 hours per week
  • payment is biweekly through a paycheck
  • awarded to undergraduate students in the same manner as Federal Work Study, however here the award is used for an off-campus position at a non-profit, community service agency
  • eligibility is based directly on demonstrated financial need area of study
  • the Office of Student Employment, located in Boyden Hall, has a list of positions available in the community.
Institutional employment is open to all students who are currently enrolled as BSU students, regardless of financial eligibility. The positions are on-campus and vary from clerical to maintenance, and also vary in duration and pay rate. Positions may be available throughout the school year into the summer months and during semester breaks depending on departmental needs and the availability of funding.
  • available to all students regardless of financial need
  • provides students with the opportunity to work in the local area
  • designed to help students gain experience in their field of study and to earn additional income for educational expenses
  • job listings are posted year-round in the student employment office
  • pay rates vary depending on experience and/or job requirements