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Office of Institutional Research and Decision Support

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The Office of Institutional Research & Decision Support (OIR) collects, analyzes, interprets and disseminates trustworthy and official University data for critical data-informed decision-making. Guided by equitable best practices in research and analytics, the office collaborates with campus stakeholders to support and uphold the strategic goals of the University, the state, and the region.


The Office of Institutional Research & Decision Support has four core values that guide our work:

  • Integrity
    OIR values data and methodological integrity in all research-related activities through disseminating reliable, accurate, and impartial data in a timely manner. We demonstrate trustworthiness through safeguarding sensitive data and protecting confidentiality.
  • Collaboration
    The effectiveness and impact of data relies on the engagement of members of the campus community. OIR strives to edify data literacy efforts on campus to ensure accurate, effective, and actionable interpretation and analyses of data.
  • Diversity and Social Justice
    We are committed to supporting the university’s goal of advancing diversity and social justice with impact by supporting university efforts and decision-making through best practices in equitable research and analytics (e.g. data disaggregation, intersectional analyses). OIR will continue to collaborate with campus stakeholders to enhance efforts in supporting the success of all students.
  • Personal and Professional Growth
    OIR commits to evaluative and reflective practices, ensuring that personal and systemic biases are not reflected in the data or analyses used. Resources are dedicated to opportunities for personal and professional development that are critical to our success as Institutional Research professionals and as members of the BSU community.

Vision Statement

The Office of Institutional Research & Decision Support serves as a leader through use of innovative best practices in equitable data-informed decision-making, technology, analyses, and communication of data, inspiring a deeper understanding and utilization of data across campus.

Our Services

The OIR team provides experience and expertise in research and evaluation strategy, methodology, data collection, and analysis for members of the BSU community. This includes:

  • Coordinating and reviewing the collection and reporting of federal, state, and accreditation data across the campus.
  • Coordinating the scheduling, collection, and analysis of all campus-wide surveys.
  • Collaborating with departments as thought partners to evaluate initiatives, review patterns of student and institutional success, and address inquiries of equity.
  • Participate in committees and task forces as needed to share data in real-time to support formative, operational decisions as well as long-term strategy.
  • Responding to and collaborating with members of the campus community with specific research questions and inquiries.
  • Continuously monitoring, learning from, and improving our own processes and data integration to better capture and understand student and institutional success at BSU.

If OIR can be of help to you or your office in strategizing, planning, researching, or evaluating your work, please do not hesitate to reach out to or request specific data on our Data Request Form.