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Current International Scholars

Dr. Yongmei Wu in a garden wearing a black shirt standing next to a bush with large pink flowers

Dr. Yongmei Wu from China

Meet Dr. Yongmei Wu, a visiting professor in the fields of gender studies, population aging, modern advertising, mass media and popular culture in East Asia. Yongmei will be here at BSU for the full 2018-19 academic year. She obtained her PhD degree from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Hong Kong in 2001. She was a post-doctoral fellow at the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, the University of Hong Kong (2010-2013). And currently she is Honorary Associate Professor in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, the University of Hong Kong. Previously she taught at the Beijing Center for Japanese Studies in Beijing Foreign Studies University (1994-2010). She is also a part-time professor at the Department of Japanese Studies in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Dr. Wu’s research interest focuses on cross-cultural and interdisciplinary investigations of gender, family and marriage, popular culture, advertising/film/TV and consumer culture, ideology and social problems in contemporary China and Japan. Her major publications include, Graphic Images and Consumer Culture: Analysis of Modern Advertising Culture in China (The University of Hong Kong Press, 2014); The Care of the Elderly in Japan (RoutledgeCurzon /Routledge Press, 2004/2009); Japanese Movies (Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2011); “Selling Modernity: Housewives as Portrayed in Yufenpai (Calendar Posters) and Magazine Advertisements in Shanghai of the 1920s and 1930s”(Brill, 2013); “Japanese Sub-culture and Gender in China: The Viewpoints of Japan of the 1980s Generation” (NHK Books, 2010); “Japanese Popular Culture in China: The view of Japan of the Chinese 1980s Generation” (Shandong People’s Press, 2010), and “Why the Myth of Li Xianglan was Re-produced?”(Publisher of the Magazine of Film Art, 2010), etc.​

headshot photo of Puyu San sitting at a desk wearing a gray button up shirt

Puyu San from China

Meet Mr. Puyu San, a visiting scholar in the field of statistics. Puyu will stay at BSU for the Spring 2020 semester, and he is teaching Math 110 Elementary Statistics and other math courses. Mr. San really enjoys teaching and being involved to develop new entry-level statistics courses at BSU. Puyu was a data analyst (2010 – 2013), and his work experience aroused his interest to pursue a master's degree in statistics and data science. Puyu obtained his Master of Science degree in Statistics at Arizona State University under the supervision of Dr. Mark Reiser in 2017. His master thesis is bootstrap confidence intervals for the location of quadratic curves, and this work was presented at Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) in Chicago, 2016. Mr. San’s research interests are in the field of longitudinal data analysis, Nonparametric Statistics, mixed models, and big data. During his graduate career, he was an instructor aide at Arizona State University (2014 - 2016), and assisted the instructor in the classroom with teaching and answering students’ various questions from brief calculus, business calculus to elementary statistics courses.

Dr. Medha Bhattacharyya standing in front of a green bush wearing a dark blue printed top and a light blue scarf
Dr. Medha Bhattacharyya from India

Dr. Medha Bhattacharyya joins BSU from India where she is presently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities at the Bengal Institute of Technology. Dr. Bhattacharyya has taught at various institutes and colleges in Kolkata and has received several distinguished honors and awards including third place in the “GetBengal” national poetry writing competition, Association for the Study of Literature and Environment grants and obtained the top 5% (All-India rank) and Elite grade in the AICTE-NPTEL MOOC: “Technical English for Engineers” from ITT Madras. Dr. Bhattacharyya’s publications include her most recent book Rabindranath Tagore’s Śāntiniketan Essays: Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy, contributions to many international books and journals (including “The Creative Launcher” and “Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism”) and she is currently working on her personal memoir for publication. Dr. Bhattacharyya has been a well-established invited lecturer throughout the US and India and will be teaching and researching at BSU for the full 2021-2022 academic year.

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