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FAQs - Military Veteran Student Services

A veteran student entering the Veterans Center

Q: What kind of benefits are available?
A: Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) based on the ZIP code of the school. Up to $1,000 per school year to pay for books and supplies. Up to $1,200 of tutorial assistance. Up to $2,000 for reimbursement of licensing or certification tests

Q: What if I receive a failing grade?
A: You may take the class again in an attempt to receive credit towards graduation or raise your grade for it and you may receive GI Bill® payment for the retaking of the class.

Q: When will I receive my benefits from the VA?
A: Once your school submits your enrollment information, it must be entered into the system by VA. Because VA is generally overwhelmed with enrollments at the start of each semester, it could take up to 6 weeks to process an enrollment during those times.

Q: What is the difference between add/drop and withdrawal from a course?
A: After the initial drop/add period has passed, students must officially "withdraw" from a class by the withdrawal deadline. Unlike dropped courses, withdrawn courses will appear on your transcript with a letter grade of "W." Add/drop courses will be covered by your education benefits, however Withdrawals will not be covered. Please contact the Military and Veteran Student Services with any further questions.

Q: How do I use my benefits each semester?
A: Once you have registered for classes you must fill out the online blue form to verify the amount of credits you have enrolled. A link to this form can be found on the Military and Veteran Student Services Homepage.

Q: Does my current enrollment in Tri-Care and/or VA Healthcare meet the BSU health insurance requirement?
A: Yes, however you must still submit the health insurance waiver (see link below) to avoid a health insurance fee. 

Q: What happens if I receive Active Duty orders during the semester?
A: There will be an authorized withdrawal from all courses and you will not incur any extra indebtedness. *Any questions not addressed in this FAQ can be directed to the Military and Veteran Student Services Office.*