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Ticket Appeals

How to pay parking violations

Parking violations are payable in person in the BSU Student Accounts Office, by mail to the Plymouth County Treasurer, or online at the Plymouth County Parking website within 21 days of the date of issue. If you have overdue tickets that are preventing you from renewing your license or registration please call the Parking Services and Connect Card Office at (508) 531-2897 for assistance. If the office is not open you may also contact the Plymouth County Commissioner's Office (508-830-9121), 11 South Russell Street, Plymouth, MA 02360. Overdue parking violations are payable in the Student Accounts Office or online at Plymouth County Parking website.

How to appeal parking violations

If you feel you were wrongly issued a parking violation you may appeal it within 21 days from the date of issue. There are three ways to appeal your ticket. 

  1. Preferred Method: online at Plymouth County Parking website.
  2. BSU's online ​Ticket Appeal Form
  3. Obtain a form at the BSU Police Department or the Parking Services and Connect Card Office and return the completed form to the PSCC office with the original ticket.

Please note that orange colored violations are from the Town of Bridgewater. To appeal or pay town violations please call the Town of Bridgewater Selectman's Office at (508) 697-0919.

The ticket appeal process

After your appeal has been turned in to the office it is reviewed by the BSU Parking Clerk. You will be notified in writing in approximately 14 - 21 days if your appeal was approved or denied.

To inquire about the status of an appeal please feel free to call the office at (508) 531-2897 or e-mail