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Is there programming you would like to see on campus? Questions about current programming? Let us know! Contact the Office of Equal Opportunity at 508-531-2744 or email or contact Christy Osborne in the Sexual Violence Advocacy and Support Center at 508-531-2048 or

Bystander Intervention Program: Bringing in the Bystander

Bystander intervention is considered one of the most promising prevention strategies as it engages the entire community and challenges social norms, rape myths and enlists men as allies. BSU trained approximately 20 staff members as facilitators for the ‘Bringing in the Bystander Program’. This interactive training is available to any interested group of community members and are continually being conducted. 

For more information regarding this program, please contact the Sexual Violence Advocacy and Support Center.

Rape Aggression and Defense Training (RAD)

The  BSU  Police  offer  Rape  Aggression  and  Defense training twice a year for students and employees.

For more information about this training, please contact the Police Department.

BSU’s It’s On Us Campaign

Check out our video on BSU's pledge to end sexual violence.

Orientation Training

At orientation, all incoming students participate in sexual violence training.

Employee Training

BSU employees involved in the investigation and resolution process receive training regarding the Equal Opportunity Plan, grievance procedures, and Title IX and Violence Against Women Act compliance. In addition, the University provides sexual violence training to Responsible Employees and other employees.

Alcohol Education

According to research, most sexual assaults occur when the victim/survivor is incapacitated due to alcohol.  Sexual assault is never the fault of the victims/survivors, regardless of whether they were using drugs or alcohol (voluntarily or against their will).  Use of alcohol or drugs by perpetrators does not excuse their actions.