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MSCA Guidance - Ombuds Office

Concerns brought to the Ombuds must fall outside of the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the MSCA as the MSCA can advocate for you when a grievance can be filed or when they can step into a situation on your behalf. If you are not sure where to bring your concern, please go to the MSCA first.

The Ombuds will not handle the following matters that involve the contract:

  • Matters that involve faculty or librarian evaluations, including but not limited to, class evaluations, chairs evaluations, PEC evaluations, dean evaluations, provost evaluation, president’s recommendation, or Board of Trustees decisions on reappointment, promotion, tenure, or post-tenure review.
  • Matters that involve student complaints.
  • Matters that involve a dispute between any faculty member or librarian and a member of the administration, including but not limited to any administrator responsible for evaluation of said faculty member or librarian, including but not limited to the chair, dean, any associate dean, provost or president.
  • Matters that involve contractual leaves, including sabbaticals, family leave and medical leave.
  • Matters that involve the department chair’s scheduling of courses.
  • Department chairs should remember that when serving in their role as chair, they are members of the administration. Thus, the chair shall not use the Ombuds office for matters that involve their contractual duties, including but not limited to, faculty or librarian evaluations, class scheduling, or student complaints.