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Thank you Message from RJTF CoChairs re: RTJF Data Collection

Feb. 4, 2021

Subject: Thank you Message from RJTF CoChairs re: RTJF Data Collection


Good morning, BSU campus community,
We wanted to take a moment to reach out and thank you for your willingness and interest in participating in surveys, interviews, focus groups and other data collection efforts underway through the Subcommittees of the President’s Special Task Force of Racial Justice (RJTF).  We appreciate the demands on your time, the challenges of competing priorities, and the multiple responsibilities you may be juggling. 
Completing one survey or questionnaire is pretty straightforward and something that we do frequently. However, as we move through the next month of collecting important information, which will shape the future of our campus, you may receive multiple requests. We thank you profusely for your participation in each of them and appreciate you adding more to your plate during this important time. Your insights are invaluable to the work.
Your participation in essential to our ability to do better and to make the changes that will further strengthen BSU as we continue to do the hard, important, and ongoing work of being a more inclusive, just, and equitable university and community.
We look forward to continuing to share the work of the RJTF through the RJTF webpage and in our report to the campus later this spring. We also hope that you will take part in the programs and events scheduled for Black History Month.
Thank you in advance for the difference that you make every day and toward the future we have an opportunity to shape together.
Be well, Sincerely, 

Davede Alexander
Trustee, Bridgewater State University

Dr. Mary Grant 
Senior Administrative Fellow for Civics and Social Justice

Dr. Carolyn Petrosino
Professor Emerita of Criminal Justice

Co-chairs, Special Presidential Task Force on Racial Justice