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Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender Inclusive Housing offers residents the opportunity to choose their suitemates or apartment mates without regard to the gender of the individuals. This program is offered in Stonehouse Hall, Crimson Hall, Weygand Hall and the Great Hill Student Apartments. Groups must be either 4 or 6 students to select in gender inclusive spaces.

The following requirements must be met if you choose to apply for Gender Inclusive Housing:

All students intending to form a gender inclusive housing group should complete the form. All students are required to fill the suite. Four and six person suites will be available for gender inclusive groups.

Please note the following:

  1. All students must have paid a housing deposit prior to completing the form.
  2. Completion of the form is not a guarantee that inclusion in gender inclusive room selection will be granted. Groups will be granted on a first come, first serve basis, based upon groups where each member completes the form.
  3. BSU reserves the right to limit the number of gender inclusive suites that we grant. ​

The full Gender Inclusive Housing Policy​ can be found online.

Contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing with questions either via phone at 508.531.1277 or via email at​