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The OTEAM is a team of students who are passionate about supporting new students and their family members through the Orientation process for a smooth transition to Bridgewater State University.

Brianna DeAndrade wearing sleeveless white dress and leaning on wooden bridge railing with ocean in background
Briana DeAndrade
Student Orientation Coordinator

Secondary Education and Math
Commuter from Taunton
I LOVE to travel.
Patricia Diaz Fernandez smiling and wearing a striped shirt with a butterfly on the front
Patricia Diaz Fernandez
Student Orientation Coordinator

Secondary Education and English
Resident (living on campus) from Santiago, DR
I share the same birthday as Taylor Swift's - December 13.
Jay Girvan sitting on a porch with his knees up and arms loosely around his knees wearing green t-shirt and khaki pants with pillar and greenery in background
Jay Girvan
Student Orientation Coordinator

Elementary Education/Psychology
Commuter from Canton
I have been to Europe 3 times (Spain, France, and Italy).
Jake Murray with earbuds in his ears, wearing a Bridgewater hoodie with a paneled wall and cieling tiles with fan in background
Jake Murray
Student Orientation Coordinator

Spanish and Secondary Education
Resident (living on campus) from Quincy
I once fell out of a moving recycle bin!
Ashley Rosenthal in white sleeveless dress at an event with flowering tree in background
Ashley Rosenthal
Student Orientation Coordinator

Communications (concentration in Film, Video and Media) and Dance
Resident (living on campus) from Hudson
I have been dancing (ballet) since I was 3 years old! I also never wear mismatched sockies...
Dae Shields sitting in a car touching his hair with his right hand wearing a red sweatshirt, a necklace and stud earrings
Dae Shields
Student Orientation Coordinator
Physical Education
Resident (living on campus) from New Bedford
I own a clothing brand.
Clau Assad wearing white top and pants with sandals in a pink room with tiled floor
Clau Assad
Orientation Leader

Resident (living on campus) from Lynn
I love vibing!
Annique Barclay standing, leaning on a tree and smiling

Annique Barclay
Orientation Leader

Commuter from Shrewsbury
I was born in Jamaica.

Mikayla Barnes smiling with a decorated door and bureau with tv in the background
Mikayla Barnes
Orientation Leader

Criminal Justice and Psychology
Commuter from Attleboro
I used to run a One Direction fan page, and Zayn's little sister followed me.
Jasmine Black wearing shorts and tank top riding a bicycle with palm trees in the background

Jasmine Black
Orientation Leader

Business Management
Resident (living on campus) from Wareham
I only know how to snap with my pinky finger and thumb.


Meghan Coughlin side shot photo with her back against a barn door
Meghan Coughlin
Orientation Leader

Special Education and Sociology
Commuter from Northbridge
I have the cutest dog.
close up photo of Abi Davey wearing a white fleece shirt
Abi Davey
Orientation Leader

Commuter from Northampton
I know ASL.
AnaMaria DeJesus outdoors on campus wearing a BSU Bears Football shirt and holding up a foam bear paw that reads #1 Go Bears
AnaMaria DeJesus
Orientation Leader

Resident (living on campus) from Boston
I like to knit and paint and collect squishmallows.
Barbara Dickey smiling over her shoulder wearing a blue jean jacket with a red brick courtyard and trees in the background
Barbara Dickey
Orientation Leader

Communication Sciences and Disorders
Resident (living on campus) from Lynnfield
I am a twin.
Mia DiMauro sitting on a stone wall smiling and wearing flannel shirt, blue jeans and sneakers with stone walkway, trees and grass in background
Mia DiMauro
Orientation Leader

Resident (living on campus) from East Windsor, CT
I love to dance!
Caitlyn Dorsey sitting on a rock wearing tank top and shorts holding a leash with a large white fluffy dog in front of her and trees in background
Caitlyn Dorsey
Orientation Leader

Social Work
Commuter from Taunton
I loooooove to hike! 
Michael Evora sitting on a cement wall smiling, wearing black t-shirt with the word CRENSHAW on it, with grass and ocean in background
Michael Evora
Orientation Leader

Business Management
Resident (living on campus) from East Providence, RI
I like to play sports during my free time.
Eamonn Graeme smiling and sitting on a bench inside Shea/Durgin dormitory wearing t-shirt and shorts with a water bottle that says "I (bearpaw) BSU"
Éamonn Graeme
Orientation Leader

Communication Studies
Resident (living on campus) from Easthampton
I'm in the process of getting dual citizenship in Ireland.
Bianca Guerreiro standing in front of a wood plank wall smiling and wearing jeans and an off-the-shoulder blouse
Bianca Guerreiro
Orientation Leader

Commuter from Milford
I am bi-lingual!
Nathan Haire smiling sitting on a park bench wearing a blue button down long sleeve shirt and khaki pants; a tree in the background

Nathan Haire
Orientation Leader

Communications Sciences and Disorders
Commuter from Douglas
I hunt small game. 

Destiny Hyman smiling, wearing glasses and black t-shirt with a crest of a dragon, crab and lions on it

Destiny Hyman
Orientation Leader

Theatre Arts
Resident (living on campus) from West Haven
I met Mariah Carrey when I was 3.

headshot photo of Elysia Johnson wearing a flannel shirt with doors in the background
Elysia Johnson
Orientation Leader

Psychology and Fine Arts
Resident (living on campus) from Weymouth
My favorite drink is iced coffee.
headshot photo of Alex Laitinen smiling wearing a collared shirt with colored bricks in the background
Alex Laitinen
Orientation Leader

Music Education
Resident (living on campus) from Plymouth
I Stream on Twitch!
Dakota Lopes
Dakota Lopes
Orientation Leader

Theatre Arts
Resident (living on campus) from Buzzards Bay
I collect baseball caps from different places my friends or I visit. I currently have 8.
Caroline McNelis smiling, wearing glasses, a long sleeve camo shirt and ripped blue jeans standing in front of an axe in the middle of a target with her two thumbs up
Caroline McNelis
Orientation Leader

Theatre Education and Secondary Education
Commuter from Saugus
I am absolutely in love with San Francisco.
headshot photo of Emma Mitchell wearing a black collared shirt
Emma Mitchell
Orientation Leader

Health Science, Athletic Training
Resident (living on campus) from Chatham
I love to run.
Kat Murray smiling, sitting in the back seat of a car wearing a white t-shirt with her right hand in her hair showing a tatoo on her arm
Kat Murray
Orientation Leader

Commuter from Bridgewater
I backpacked through Norway and Denmark.
Ashley Ndebele smiling wearing a black off-the-shoulder v-neck blouse with four gold necklaces and hoop earrings; white wall and door in background
Ashley Ndebele
Orientation Leader
Social Work
Resident (living on campus) from Hopkinton
I have been out of the country 5 times! Zimbabwe, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Haiti 2x.
Kendia Nerestant standing in front of a square pillar standing on her left leg with her right hand on her hip
Kendia Nerestant
Orientation Leader
Resident (living on campus) from Wilmington
I have a twin brother.
Kolby Peixoto sitting outside smiling with sunglasses on top of her head wearing a short sleeve top with suns, stars and moons on it; trees and sky in the background
Kolby Peixoto
Orientation Leader
Communication Sciences and Disorders, Psychology
Resident (living on campus) from Fall River
I have been skiing since I was 4. 
Mia Piccirillo-Sanch sitting in a car smiling wearing glasses, a floral blouse and pink jacket
Mia Piccirillo-Sanch
Orientation Leader

Social Work
Commuter from Salem
My high school mascot was a Witch!
Luisa Pina with her hair in corn rows/braids wearing a mock turtleneck shirt and a tweed zipper up jacket
Luisa Pina
Orientation Leader
Secondary Education and Math
Commuter from Boston
I love to dance.
Mariah Porter standing and laughing/smiling with sunglasses on top of her head wearing a BSU sweatshirt and blue jeans
Mariah Porter
Orientation Leader
Psychology and Elementary Education
Resident (living on campus) from Brockton
I want a dinosaur tattoo more than anything.
Parker Reinke in a parking garage wearing black t-shirt and blue jean jacket with pins depicting sculptures; cars in the background
Parker Reinke
Orientation Leader
History and Secondary Education
Resident (living on campus) from North Andover
I love Greek Mythology.
Emily Rodriguez smiling wearing a BSU cheerleader uniform with her hands on her hips; grass, stone wall and trees in background
Emily Rodriguez
Orientation Leader
Resident (living on campus) from Spencer
I love playing video games. 
Elizabeth Sangiolo smiling wearing glasses and a sweatshirt
Elizabeth Sangiolo
Orientation Leader
Earth Sciences, Childhood Studies Minor
Commuter from Middleboro
My favorite snack is chips and salsa.
Samantha Santos smiling wearing a Bridgewater sweatshirt
Samantha Santos
Orientation Leader

History and Secondary Education
Resident (living on campus) from Dartmouth
I have watched The Office a total of 12 times.
Thomas Scalese smiling with his right arm on a concrete wall wearing glasses, a black t-shirt and silver cross necklace; building and sky in background
TJ Scalese
Orientation Leader
Secondary Education and Mathematics
Resident (living on campus) from Chelmsford
I've been swimming competitively for 15 years.
Alexander Schloesser smiling wearing a white sweatshirt with purple string light on the wall behind her
Alexandra Schloesser
Orientation Leader

Criminal Justice
Resident (living on campus) from Southington, CT
I have a cat named Milo that I love more than anything!
Gaelle Sinsaire standing in a room wearing a flowing tricolor top and white pants
Gaelle Sinsaire
Orientation Leader

English, Literature
Commuter from Brockton
I'm a poet.
Erin Stolgitis smiling standing in a greenhouse surrounded by hanging plants with gold flowers wearing a v-neck plaid top
Erin Stolgitis
Orientation Leader

Health Science, Pre Physical Therapy
Resident (living on campus) from Ashaway
I pretty much live on a farm.
Krishna Torres smiling with sunglasses on top of her head and wearing a red zip up sweatshirt
Krishna Torres
Orientation Leader
Elementary Education and Spanish
Commuter from West Bridgewater
Spanish is my first language.
Cailtyn Turgeon smiling wearing a v-neck black top with a bright white background
Caitlyn Turgeon
Orientation Leader
Elementary Education with a Dual License in Special Education, Psychology
Commuter from Dartmouth
I have played the violin since I was 4 years old.
Reese VanDerMolen smiling wearing black v-neck short sleeve top and dangling earrings
Reese VanDerMolen
Orientation Leader
Communications (Film, Video and Media)
Commuter from Kingston
I am obsessed with the Twilight series.
Andrea Wang smiling wearing glasses, a hoodie, and khaki pants, sitting on an office floor petting a small dog
Andrea Weng
Orientation Leader
Marketing, Spanish Minor
Resident (living on campus) from Quincy
I eat oranges in the shower.  Or at least I like the idea of doing it.  (And I'm a first-gen college student.) .
Jasmine Won smiling in a field of flowers wearing a short sleeve top

Jasmine Won
Orientation Leader
Elementary Education and Spanish
Resident (living on campus) from Tewksbury
I can ride a unicycle!