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Strategic Plan

Under the leadership of President Fred Clark, Bridgewater State University has implemented a unique strategic planning process with a central focus on student success and achievement. This planning process is unique both in its design and in its time horizon. The design of the planning process is based on a nested planning model. The University model includes an institutional plan; a divisional level plan; and college, departmental, and program level plans. In addition, the model allows for formalization of policies and procedures that inform the decision-making process going forward.

The nested design model allows us to have increased inclusion that was absent prior to this particular plan. The institutional level plan was informed through the involvement of various stakeholders through the use of ninety listening tours, a student micro-climate survey, and an electronic strengths survey of our faculty, librarians, and staff.

The design is also unique in its time horizon. BSU has undertaken the initial planning process with the intent that it become continuous in nature. The plan will have a ten-year time horizon, with review cycles every three years. This means that BSU will always be working towards the goals and objectives set out at all levels of the strategic planning process. It also means that we, as an institution and community, will continue to evolve and grow based on the needs of our stakeholders and continued assessment of our internal and external environmental opportunities and challenges. This plan will be dynamic and inclusive rather than static and will be a "living" document rather than a placeholder.

Bridgewater State University's primary purpose is to advance student success. Using the Board of Higher Education's "Vision Project" and its guiding principles, we will work together to ensure we live up to and fulfill our purpose. For 175 years, BSU has remained steadfast in advancing higher-education in Southeastern Massachusetts. Through the strategic planning process, we are prepared to move ahead with our mission, while evolving with the future of higher education. The Bridgewater State University Strategic Plan builds from our foundation and history while preparing us for continued growth and success.

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BSU Strategic Plan

BSU Strategic Plan, January 15, 2018
Strategic planning is essential to the University’s ability to advance its historic mission of providing access to a high-quality education for all students, promoting social justice and enhancing the quality of life for the residents of Southeastern Massachusetts through its position as a vital intellectual, economic and cultural resource in the region.