Interdivisional Implementation Initiatives

The following committees and initiatives lead implementation of strategic plan goals with interdivisional functions. Each initiative builds on a specific BSU strategic plan goal and is directly tied to outcomes. An initiative plan guides the process and each committee is comprised of BSU representatives from across divisions. The BSU strategic plan also includes initiatives led by each university division through their divisional strategic plans. For more information, contact Dr. Deniz Zeynep Leuenberger, Chief of Staff and Vice President of Planning and Strategy, at

  1. RETENTION COMMITTEE – focus on student retention

  2. NEW STUDENT ENROLLMENT COMMITTEE – focus on student recruitment and enrollment

  3. (The above two committees are part of the Enrollment Management Taskforce)

  4. STUDENT-CENTERED BUSINESS PRACTICES – improving business services for students

  5. INSTITUTIONAL ACCESSIBILITY RESOURCES COMMITTEE – provides resources for students with access barriers including ADA compliance

  6. RESOURCES IN SUPPORT OF EXCELLENCE (RISE) – provides information and referral for student resources such as food, housing and mental health services

  7. NECHE (was NEASC) – guides the BSU accreditation process

  8. SATELLITE CAMPUSES COMMITTEE (Cape Cod, Attleboro, Aviation, Plymouth) – planning for satellite BSU campuses

  9. $100 MILLION ENDOWMENT STRATEGY – focus on university advancement and fundraising

  10. FUNDED INTERNSHIPS STRATEGY – resources for students in credit and non-credit internships

  11. EMPLOYEE WELLNESS STRATEGY – addresses employee health and well-being


  13. COMMUNITY COLLEGE INITIATIVES – focus on collaboration with community college partners

  14. BSU SPIRIT COMMITTEE – leads BSU projects that support the BSU Bear spirit and pride

  15. SPACE AND CAPITAL RESOURCES STRATEGY – planning for space, buildings and people

  16. DEGREEWORKS – builds DegreeWorks as a resource for BSU

  17. STUDENT FINANCIAL SUPPORT COMMITTEE – leads affordability and financial aid initiatives

  18. CRISIS MANAGEMENT SAFETY COMMITTEE – addresses BSU safety issues and related planning

  19. BURNELL PLANNING STRATEGY – builds resources for the eventually redevelopment of Burnell Hall

  20. ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE – accesses and plans for mitigation of institutional risk

  21. EFFICIENCY AND SUN-SETTING COMMITTEE – improves resource management as tied to the strategic plan

  22. POST-TRADITIONAL LEARNERS – creates BSU opportunities for post-traditional students

  23. TEACHING AND LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS – builds physical and virtual learning spaces that support students