2017-18 Tuition and Fees

Effective Fall 2018, New Credit Cap Policy

Undergraduate DayAnnualPer SemesterPer Credit
Cost for Full-Time In-State Student*$10,012.00$5,006.00 
MA Resident$910.00$455.00$38.00
N.E. Regional$1,365.00$682.50$56.88
Student Fees$8,748.00$4,374.00$364.50
Student Support Fee$100.00$50.00-
Technology Fee$54.00$27.00$2.25
Capital Fee$200.00$100.00 
Total Fees$9,102.00$5,006.00 
Mandatory Additional Fees:   
Technology Fee per credit  $2.25
Student Support Fee (12 credits or more)$100.00$50.00 
Student Support Fee (less than 12 credits)$50$25 
Capital Fee   $8.50
Health Insurance Waivable**   
Fall semester $2,755.00 
Spring semester $1,614.00 
Orientation Fees:   
1st Time Fall Semester Freshman $160.00 
1st Time Spring Semester Freshman $80.00 
1st Time Transfer Student $80.00 
*Undergraduate day cost for a full-time in-state student is based on student taking 12 day credits. Day courses are held Monday-Friday with a class meeting time starting before 4 p.m.
**Hospitalization/Major Medical Coverage for all undergraduate students carrying 9 credits or more is required by Massachusetts state law. A Student Health Insurance brochure can be obtained from the Office of Health Services 508.531.1252. If a student is covered under a similar plan and wishes to waive the coverage, he/she must complete the online waiver by the established deadline. Failure to waive will result in enrollment in the school sponsored plan.
Graduate Studies    
Graduate  $70.00
Student Fees  $364.50
Technology Fee  $2.25
Continuing Studies***   
Undergraduate  $38.00
Student Fees  $364.50
Technology Fee  $2.25
***Undergraduate courses in the College of Continuing Studies begin at 4 p.m. Monday-Friday, and include all day Saturday, and Sunday.
View a detailed chart of tuition and fees charged by number of credits


Residence Halls:AnnualPer Semester 
Stonehouse Hall - Single$8,662.00$4,331.00 
Stonehouse Hall - Double$7,986.00$3,993.00 
Crimson Hall - Single$8,862.00$4,431.00 
Crimson Hall - Double$8,060.00$4,030.00 
Great Hill Student Apartments (Singles)$8,862.00$4,431.00 
Miles/DiNardo Hall - Single$8,110.00$4,055.00 
Miles/DiNardo Hall - Double$7,810.00$3,905.00 
Pope/Scott Hall - Single$7,810.00$3,905.00 
Pope/Scott Hall - Double$7,510.00$3,755.00 
Shea/Durgin Hall - Single$7,810.00$3,905.00 
Shea/Durgin Hall - Double$7,510.00$3,755.00 
Woodward Hall - Single$7,810.00$3,905.00 
Woodward Hall - Double$7,510.00$3,755.00 
Weygand Hall - Single$8,862.00$4,431.00 
Weygand Hall - Double$8,303.00$4,151.50 
Residence Fees:   
Residential Activity Fee$20.00$10.00 
ResNet Program Fee$360.00$180.00 
Meal Plans:   
Platinum Dining Plan$4,756.00$2,378.00 
Gold Dining Plan$4,166.00$2,083.00 
Silver Dining Plan$4,054.00$2,027.00 
Bronze Dining Plan (Commuter Only)$840.00$420.00 
Application Fees and processing fee$50.00 nonrefundable
Tuition Deposit$200.00 nonrefundable
On-campus housing deposit$200.00 nonrefundable
Parking Decal Fee 8 credits or less (must apply online)$80.00
Parking Decal Fee 9 credits or more (must apply online)$195.00
Accelerated Post Baccalaureate (APB) Course FeeVaries per course
Art Supply FeeVaries per course
BSU Flight School FeeVaries per flight rating
Online Course Fee (courses with schedule type "web")$100.00
Distance Learning Fee (interactive video conferencing courses, telecourse, teleweb courses and video coursesVaries per course
Music Laboratory FeeVaries per course
E-transcript: $7.50 - securely delivered electronically, typically sent within 60-90 minutes. Some transcripts (such as records with holds or records prior to 2004) may require longer processing time.

Charges subject to change by action of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education.

Evening Course Charges:
Students enrolled in evening undergraduate courses will be charged all tuition and fees associated with the cost to provide the evening programs. As a result, full-time undergraduate day students taking more than 12 credit hours who enroll in an evening (or weekend) course may incur additional charges. There is an appeal process to waiver additional evening course charges. Appeal information can be found at https://my.bridgew.edu/departments/StudentResolution/SitePages/Home.aspx.

NOTE: Students who no longer wish to be enrolled in a course must drop the course via the Web or in writing in the Registrar's Office by the end of drop/add in order to avoid the assessment of tuition and fees and a possible grade of "F." Nonattendance and nonpayment do not equate to an official drop or withdrawal.