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Returning BSU Students with Transfer Credit

Undergraduate students who have not registered for courses for one or more semesters, or who have been academically separated from the University and who wish to re-enroll must file an application for reinstatement/readmission with the Office of Admissions. An official transcript from all colleges attended (if any) since last enrolling at BSU, as well as a personal statement explaining the circumstances of separation/non-enrollment, must be submitted with the application while meeting the priority deadlines for transfer students.

COMPLETED transfer applications should be filed by April 1, for September admission or by November 1, for January admission. NOTE: Dates listed above are priority deadlines, and you may apply after the deadline. Applications will then be accepted on a space available basis.

Upon readmission/reinstatement, transfer credit, if applicable, will be awarded according to established policies. The grade point average achieved at BSU upon separation will be resumed, as grades achieved at other institutions are not included when calculating a student’s BSU grade point average.

Students who have been academically separated from the University must meet the requirements of separation outlined by their appropriate Dean before being considered for readmission. All students will be required to attend orientation and will participate in a program called Summit. When you complete the orientation, you will leave with a semester schedule and an appointment with your Summit Advisor who will help you in the transition back to Bridgewater State University.

Note: Reinstated students are not required to pay the application fee. Readmitted students are required to pay the application fee.