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Transfer Course Equivalency Tools

B.E.A.R.S. (Bridgewater Equivalency and Articulation Report System)
Bridgewater accepts transfer credits from regionally accredited colleges and universities. The B.E.A.R.S. Program displays courses that have previously been established as equivalent coursework from another institution.  This information can be used to help you in your academic planning. If an institution or course does not appear in the database, it means it has not yet been added.  Courses not found in the B.E.A.R.S. database may be transferable and will be considered upon a student’s application and admission to Bridgewater State University.  B.E.A.R.S. is for reference only.

TESS (Transfer Equivalency Self-Service)
Quickly see how classes taken at previous institutions will transfer.  Bridgewater’s Transfer Equivalency Self-Service tool (TESS), has been designed to assist prospective students in discovering how courses taken at other institutions will transfer and can be used to earn a degree at Bridgewater State University.  TESS is not official and should only be used as a guide to help you understand how your classes may transfer and apply to degree requirements.  By answering a short series of questions about classes you have already taken, the report created can be used as a guide to help you understand how transfer classes would apply to a degree program at BSU.