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Undergraduate Readmission/Reinstatement

If you were enrolled as an undergraduate student at Bridgewater State University and left, you will have to reapply for either reinstatement or readmission.


If you have chosen not to enroll at the university for one full academic year or more, you must apply for reinstatement (no application fee required).

You will have to submit official transcripts from all institutions attended since you were last enrolled at BSU.  If you are reinstated, you will be required to meet with an academic advisor to discuss degree completion and available course options. For additional support and resources, please contact the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies at 508.531.1790 or


If you have been separated from the university because of academic reasons, you must apply for readmission.

In addition to completing the application, you will be required to submit official transcripts from any institutions attended since leaving BSU.  To be readmitted, you must meet the requirements of separation outlined by your appropriate dean.  If you are readmitted, you will be required to participate in the Summit Program before you can register for courses (see info below).

Transfer Credits/GPA

If you are readmitted or reinstated, transfer credit, if applicable, will be awarded according to the university’s established Transfer Credit Policy. The grade point average you had at BSU when you left will be resumed.  Grades achieved at other institutions are not included when calculating your BSU grade point average.

Summit Program

Readmitted students are required to participate in the Summit Program.  The Summit Program is an individualized advising and academic support program designed to help readmitted students on their path to academic success upon return to BSU.  The program includes a Summit Orientation session, advising meetings and semester planning. Summit Orientation is designed to reacquaint students with graduation requirements and university policies, while also providing advising support for course registration. The Summit Program coordinator will contact readmitted student with more information about Summit Orientation.